13 funny pictures of dogs who got into ridiculous situations
13 funny pictures of dogs who got into ridiculous situations

Everyone knows that dogs are very similar to their owners. Those, in turn, are very fond of photographing their pets. Often in these photographs the dogs look not just unflattering, but funny to tears. Why do funny and ridiculous pictures of our friends amuse us so much? Even in the most seemingly unsightly pictures, shaggy friends still look immensely charming!

It is even difficult to imagine how people would have lived if our ancestors had not attended to the domestication of various animals. After all, all of them: dogs, cats, cows, horses are simply irreplaceable helpers. In addition, they are often companions and friends for us.

You don't film me, do you? My face when I am reprimanded Am I not running fast?

Scientists still argue about the genetic origin of our dog friends. The theory that they were descended from wolves did not stand up to practical tests. The researchers conducted a series of experiments with the genomes of different breeds of dogs and wolves. All groups were compared for a number of single nucleotide mutations. As a result, it turned out that all dog breeds from completely different regions are closer to each other than wolves from their native region.

I'm cute anyway!

Scientists suggest that dogs and wolves once had a common ancestor. At some point, they separated from him and began to develop independently, each in their own class, while retaining the possibility of crossing. Perhaps it was the descendants of these mixed relationships that confused geneticists during early research in this area, allowing them to draw conclusions about the origin of dogs from wolves.

Aren't they wolves? Mama! Look what I have!

These findings showed that the process of domestication of the dog was much more complex than we thought. There was also no evidence that the domestication of these animals took place in different regions. The conclusions are quite intriguing!

They certainly wouldn't be happy to see this picture on social networks

We just love them, and even more we love filming our pets on camera. The more ridiculous they look in the pictures, the more fun it is to watch. Is it interesting so maybe because we ourselves are like them? The pet is our reflection. Looking at the work of our hands, we involuntarily look for similarities with ourselves. This amuses us even more.

They all love it!

Scientifically proven fact that people intuitively choose a pet that is as similar to themselves as possible. Not to mention the fact that they are selected for height and temperament. Dogs, in turn, unconditionally loving the owner - imitate him in everything.

Surely I don't have a double chin?

Over time, people and dogs become similar not only externally, but also internally. In many ways, a person and his pet are one whole. When they walk along the street together, it is so noticeable. It’s both fun and enjoyable to watch.

Who are you?

Dogs are very loyal and intelligent animals. They memorize complex commands very easily. These animals can be the sweetest, most perfect and adorable creatures on Earth.

But we have to admit - even these seemingly flawless creatures don't always look their best in the photographs we take. That is life.

Too fast again! I did not do anything!

We also love to share the most unflattering pictures of our dogs on the Internet. It's good that the dogs do not photograph us, but only we take them.

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