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How discarded celebrity wax figures became exhibits at the Museum of the Bible
How discarded celebrity wax figures became exhibits at the Museum of the Bible

This world famous life-size wax museum features 100 biblical scenes and over 325 wax figures. Each scene is complemented by wall panels that are individual for each story. The heroes are dressed in authentic costumes. Also, atmospheric music sounds there, accompanied by original texts from the Bible. Everything looks more than perfect. Only if you take a closer look at the characters, you will notice that they are an exact copy of Hollywood stars. How did it happen and why?

What kind of place is it?

The BibleWalk Museum is the revived Word of God. It is Ohio's only life-size wax museum. It is located in the city of Mansfield.

The Last Supper The figures of the Last Supper scene were obtained from Madame Tussauds in Arkansas

The Christian Museum fully illustrates the most famous stories from the New and Old Testament Bibles. If you look closely at the characters in the biblical scenes, you will notice something extremely curious.

John Travolta as King Solomon The Queen of Sheba? And another Elizabeth Taylor

Wax figures from various museums

The fact is that all the characters are famous Hollywood actors and other famous personalities. King Solomon strikingly resembles John Travolta, and the lady standing next to him has the face of the brilliant Elizabeth Taylor. In the corner, the youthful Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, stands solemnly in a white dress. In another scene, the figure of Jesus Christ with flowing hair and a bushy beard is undoubtedly Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise as the Messiah

This is not an odd coincidence. All of these figurines were actually created to represent Hollywood stars and other celebrities.

Young Prince Philip as an angel Prince Philip again, this time in the role of Abel

This was done to display them in wax museums like Madame Tussaud's. After they were used, the pieces were simply planned to be thrown away. BibleWalk purchased all of these figures for a fraction of the cost.

Steve McQueen as backside witness

New costumes were sewn for the heroes. This was done by members of the non-denominational Cathedral of Diamond Hill. They also built this museum. A background and props were created for each biblical scene. In order to make the heroes original hairstyles, a good hairdresser was hired.

The hairstyles were done by a specially hired professional hairdresser

After that, the wax figures found a second life. They were placed in various biblical scenes. The creators of the museum hoped that with well-placed lighting, in the new surroundings, no one would notice anything strange. But they were wrong.

The Museum is very reluctant to comment on the origin of the figures

The wax figures found their second life here

Visitors, of course, noticed this and the information was scattered. The museum is very reluctant to comment on the situation. BibleWalk Museum does not in any way aim to advertise famous personalities. Its purpose is completely different. The founders of the museum try to keep the origin of the wax figures a secret.

The director of the museum, Julia Mott-Hardin, who has been in this position since its inception, even refuses to provide excursions for those who want to see celebrities.

The purpose of the Bible Museum is to popularize the Word of God

She said: “I get calls all the time from people who want to go on a tour. At the same time, they want me to accompany them and point out famous personalities. This is totally unacceptable! I always refuse such people. The museum is dedicated to the glorification of God and his Word. This is what we want to achieve. I just don't want to take away the glory of God. This is the most important aspect of walking the Word of God, God's glory."

The director says he doesn't want to take away God's glory from God The Word of God comes alive in these scenes

How the museum was created

The idea to create such a museum came to the head of Pastor Richard Diamond and his wife Alvilda in the early 1970s. The spouses then visited the historical wax museum, where there were former presidents, military leaders and war heroes. The last scene in that museum, to the couple's surprise, was the Ascension of Jesus Christ. As they stood there as hypnotized, God moved the pastor's heart to build a museum that would glorify the great works of the Lord.

The idea of ​​creating a museum of the Bible with wax figures was visited by Pastor Diamond during a tour of Madame Tussauds

Ten years later, Pastor Richard Diamond began searching for figures for his museum. He soon realized, with regret, that new wax or fiberglass figurines were prohibitively expensive. So Diamond started looking for used ones. The first set of figures was actually donated to another closing Bible Walk Museum in Pennsylvania. With these figures, the pastor founded BibleWalk in 1983.

It took ten years to realize the idea of ​​a Bible museum They were looking for wax figures all over the country Gradually, the museum was filled with wax figures Now the museum has about 100 biblical scenes with 325 characters

Additional figures were gradually acquired from various wax museums. They were added to the Bible Museum. These include, in addition to the already mentioned stars, the figures of Clark Gable, Steve McQueen, George Harrison of The Beatles, Marlon Brando and Bert Lancaster. These are just a few of them.

Every year the museum is visited by tens of thousands of people from all over the world Different people have different goals

The popularity of the museum today

Today, the BibleWalk Museum is visited annually by 30,000 to 40,000 people from around the world. It is difficult to say how many of them come to get acquainted with the beautifully illustrated Word of God, and how many just for fun to gaze at the faces of celebrities in biblical scenes …

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