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Stars of the 2000s: Was the duet "Nepara" a couple, and why the artists lost a common language and parted
Stars of the 2000s: Was the duet "Nepara" a couple, and why the artists lost a common language and parted

In the early 2000s. the duet "Nepara" was one of the most popular and successful musical projects, the songs "The Other Family", "Cry and See", "God Invented You" were sung by the whole country. Alexander Shoua and Victoria Talyshinskaya were called the brightest and most unusual duet: they contrasted sharply in appearance, but at the same time looked very harmonious on stage. The duo broke up 10 years later, they later attempted a reunion, but in 2019 announced their final separation. What kind of relationship the soloists actually connected, and why they have recently been extremely unflattering about each other - further in the review.

How the duet "Nepara" appeared

Duet of Nepara

Alexander Shoua and Victoria Talyshinskaya met in 1999 at a party in honor of the birthday of a friend of the singer's husband, businessman Eldar Talyshinsky. Victoria was then an artist of the Jewish musical theater "Lechaim", and Alexander worked as a demo vocalist in Germany under a contract with one of the largest European record companies. At a friendly party, they sang a duet together for the first time, and both themselves and everyone present liked it. Then they had the idea to create a duet. When Alexander returned to Moscow, they turned this proposal to the producer of Leonid Agutin Oleg Nekrasov. This is how the duet "Nepara" appeared in 2002.

Artists on stage

Everyone who saw them on stage nearby had no questions about why the duet had such a name. But the artists themselves did not find it right away. Talyshinskaya told: "".

Duet of Nepara

The author of the lyrics and music of the songs was Alexander Shoua. The very first album of the duet "Another Family" became platinum, the artists released hit after hit, not a single major holiday concert could do without their participation, they toured all over Russia and neighboring countries. Over the 10 years of its existence, the duo released three albums, their songs, which the whole country knew, often took first positions in the music charts, the group released several videos.

Relationships on the brink

Soloists of the Nepara group Alexander Shoua and Victoria Talyshinskaya

They were complete opposites not only in appearance, but also in character, outlook on life and tastes. Alexander is very hot-tempered and emotional, Victoria is more restrained and calm. Artists often clashed and could not find a common language even during joint performances. Their relationship has always been difficult, it seemed, even on the stage, lightning flies between them.

Soloists of the Nepara group Alexander Shoua and Victoria Talyshinskaya

Most of the fans were interested in the question: was there ever a pair of "Nepara"? Years later, Victoria admitted that there really was an affair between them, but it did not last long. Maintaining a business partnership after its completion was very difficult, nevertheless, for some time they continued to perform together. But Alexander categorically denied that they had a romantic relationship with the singer: "".

Duet of Nepara

Although their relationship became very strained, Victoria did not believe until the last that the duo would break up. Showa became the initiator of their separation. One day in 2012, right during a concert, he announced that he was going to build a solo career. After that, each of them tried to make music on their own, but neither Shoua nor Talyshinskaya then could achieve noticeable success separately from each other. A year later, Alexander took the first step towards reconciliation.He invited Victoria to reunite in a duet, and she immediately agreed. The artists began touring again and released a new video "A Thousand Dreams".

Real couples of Nepara soloists

Singer with her third husband Ivan Salakhov

While fans of the group speculated about the romantic relationship of the artists, each of them tried to find their own personal happiness. Victoria's first marriage with businessman Eldar Talyshinsky did not last long and broke up in 2004 due to her husband's betrayal. In 2009, the singer married for the second time to the banker Stanislav Chepurov, whom she met during a tour in Rostov. They spent 3 years together and broke up due to the fact that the husband was not ready for family life and the birth of children. In 2015, Victoria married for the third time to the artist-restorer Ivan Salakhov, a year later they had a daughter.

Singer with wife and daughter

Alexander Shoua married for the first time even before the start of his creative career, in this marriage he had a daughter. For the second time, the musician married a girl named Natalya, who in 2015 gave him a second daughter.

Group breakup and recriminations

Soloists of the Nepara group Alexander Shoua and Victoria Talyshinskaya

In 2019, Nepara broke up completely. This year, their last joint performance took place, but a year before that, Alexander Shoua announced that the group no longer existed. The duet broke up again on his initiative, and the artist said about this: "". After that, he released a solo album and started looking for a new soloist for the duet. Victoria Talyshinskaya also created her own duet "Two Oceans" together with the composer Vladimir Kurto and in 2020 began touring with him.

Group Two oceans

After "Nepara" ceased to exist, Victoria admitted that she finally "breathed a sigh of relief." According to her, for many years she had to endure the cruelty of her partner: "". Alexander reacted to her words very sharply: "".

The singer these days

Former Nepara soloists no longer communicate. According to Alexander, they were never friends, and they were united only by a common cause. "" - says the musician. None of them explained what caused the final collapse of the group and why the soloists parted as enemies. But they still have not got rid of mutual grievances and continue to sort things out at a distance. Recently, the singer said: "".

Soloists of the Nepara group Alexander Shoua and Victoria Talyshinskaya

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