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12 most beautiful and famous models in the history of the fashion industry (part one)
12 most beautiful and famous models in the history of the fashion industry (part one)

Their faces flicker on the covers of magazines and TV screens, they were talked about and continue to talk about to this day. They are admired and discussed, evil envying success. And yet, almost all the girls on the planet dreamed of being like them. Meet extraordinary, successful and in their own way beautiful models who have become a legend in the entire history of fashion.

1. Twiggy

Legend of the 60s. \ Photo:

When it comes to a real phenomenon, the name Twiggy first pops up in my head. This girl began her modeling career as a teenager in the early 60s on the stages of England. Its phenomenal success can be easily explained by the fact that it was in the right place at the right time. A slender figure, large and expressive eyes, as well as her other features, fit perfectly on the fashion catwalk of that time. Therefore, it is not surprising that she quickly appeared on the covers of magazines, first in England, and then around the world. For the first time in the world, Twiggy created her own line of products, for which her fans were literally willing to pay tens and hundreds, buying Barbie dolls and even false eyelashes. Despite the fact that her modeling career was soon over, Twiggy continued to be popular, which helped her to found such a famous show as "America's Next Top Model" with Tyra Banks.

2. Claudia Schiffer

An angel with a steel grip. \ Photo:

Young, seventeen-year-old Claudia went to Paris at the end of the 80s, cherishing the dream of conquering his fashion catwalk. Therefore, it is not surprising that she soon became the face of many brands, including the star Chanel. In the nineties of the last century, Claudia's face could be seen on almost all published magazines, from Vogue to Rolling Stone. But her beauty is far from her main advantage. Many noted the high professionalism of the model, as well as her steel, business acumen. This, combined with a beautiful figure and face, led her to the fact that in the 90s she became the most recognizable girl, and soon the highest paid model, whose fee was $ 50,000 a day.

3. Naomi Campbell

A dark-skinned, wayward beauty. \ Photo:

This girl is known all over the world not only for her unique catwalk walking skills, but also for her absolutely bad temper, but, despite this, she is on any list of top models. Her career began rapidly and immediately took off, because Naomi began as a model at the shows of such famous brands as, for example, Ralph Lauren. However, at some point, her success began to decline, which forced Naomi to take on even the most scandalous and frank proposals. So, she did not deny herself bold decisions, starring for Playboy magazine, and also becoming the face for Madonna's book. In the early 2000s, Campbell again made headlines in local newspapers and tabloids when people learned about her drug problems and that she was accused of violence when she threw the phone at her assistant. However, to this day, Naomi is remembered as the first black woman to grace the cover of French Vogue magazine.

4. Linda Evangelista

Chameleon in the fashion world. \ Photo:

Linda is another member of the '90s Popular' team, being a model who was noticed as a teenager. Soon she signed a contact with the American agency Elite Modeling Management, which offered her a part-time job and the opportunity to create her own portfolio. After that, Evangelista tries to break into the world of the modeling business, which, of course, she succeeds. However, one moment decided everything in her career. At one point, Linda cut her gorgeous, long hair, becoming the first woman to have a short, boyish hairstyle.Suddenly, all agencies refuse her, but then interest in her unexpectedly increases, and Linda becomes the main and one of the most recognizable persons in the 90s. In addition, she is the author of one of the most ridiculous and even awkward quotes of the time. And all because one day the Evangelista declared that she would not get out of bed for less than 10,000 dollars a day.

5. Christy Turlington

Charming Christy Turlington. \ Photo:

When it comes to a person who is always heard and was popular at all times, it is worth mentioning Christy, who became famous in the early 90s. At 16, she signs with Ford Models, making her the face of brands that promote classic American values. Her greatest success was her work with the Calvin Klein brand, which also included advertising for popular jeans at the time. While other modeling industries gradually lost their popularity, Turlington managed to occupy the very niche that has always remained in demand, and therefore she herself was constantly heard. Note that today she continues to work in several magazines and collaborates with the Maybelline Cosmetics brand.

6. Adriana Lima

Victoria's Secret Angel. \ Photo:

The career of such a star as Adriana Lima began in 1998 when she first appeared on the cover of Marie Claire Brazil magazine. A year later, the Brazilian has already made a name for herself by being on the list of lucky women who were offered to participate in the annual show hosted by the Victoria's Secret Angels brand. Since that moment, the diva has not left the most expensive and popular catwalks in the world, being the face of brands such as Miu Miu, Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton. In addition, she expanded her activities significantly when she began to print in various advertisements, as well as advertise the Maybelline Cosmetics brand. Note that the exotic beauty managed to get on almost all the fashion covers in the world, and the GQ issue with her face became the most popular in 2016. A year later, her career took a new turn as Victoria's Secret named her the most valuable angel.

7. Tyra Banks

Extraordinary Tyra. \ Photo:

Today, Tyra is known as a real business woman who hosts not only her talk shows, but also television reality shows. However, at the very beginning of her journey, she was not as popular as she would like. Many agencies openly despised her when she approached them, trying to break into the modeling business. In 1990, Banks signed his first contract with Elite Models while still being a high school student. After 25 shows with her participation, the girl goes to Paris, where her real career begins, which made her the face of the 90s. Subsequently, the supermodel begins to gain more and more popularity and has acquired some weight and value in the modeling industry. After Tyra changed her appearance, she had to move away from the modeling business, which then saw exceptionally thin and slender models. However, this did not break Banks, and she decided to start producing her own line of swimwear and lingerie. Tyra then shifted her focus from the catwalk to television, where she hosts a daytime talk show to this day, and is also a judge and host of Next Top Model, which has become the most watched American show.

8. Kate Moss

Hot-tempered and cocky Kate Moss. \ Photo:

The mid-90s brought with it a new trend in the fashion industry, namely super-skinny figures, whose movement was led by a woman like Kate Moss. Early in her career, Moss was best known for collaborations and advertising for Calvin Klein Obsession. Then she first finds herself in an elite environment and begins to attend popular parties, where she reveals her essence and a rather bad character and disposition. Throughout her career, Kate has received a lot of negative criticism from both ordinary people and from agencies for how terrible she looks, however, she did not allow these opinions to somehow shake her confidence. This allowed her to appear on the covers of the most famous and popular magazines, as well as to appear in advertising campaigns and videos of countless famous brands.

9. Cheryl Tiegs

Friendly Cheryl. \ Photo:

In the early 70s and 80s, women did not at all strive to have such a figure that the beautiful Cheryl Tiegs could boast.With a classic Midwest look and a very friendly personality, Cheryl has spoken of true American brands like Covergirl. She gained her first popularity almost by accident, thanks to television, where an acquaintance persuaded her to go in order to conduct a kind of advertising auction. Then the girl was noticed by agencies, which led to real commercial success and fame, giving her the opportunity to appear on the cover of Glamor magazine. With the development of her career, Cheryl began to appear on the covers of such well-known glossies as Vogue, Sports Illustrated and even Elle. When her career began to decline, Teegs did not lose her head, and therefore created her own clothing line and skin care brand, continuing to appear on TV screens to this day.

10. Karlie Kloss

Beauty Karlie Kloss. \ Photo:

While the modeling society of the 90s remains the most talked about to this day, a new category of female models is emerging, led by the charming beauty Karlie Kloss. In 2008, Carly took part in 64 famous events and received the title of "Best Model" by People magazine. Thanks to friends at IMG, Kloss was able to order several promotional offers, print ads, and other opportunities for her own promotion. Despite the fact that Carly has a large number of partnership offers, as well as invitations to become the face of famous brands, she recently opened her cozy YouTube channel, where she bakes goodies in the kitchen in a simple and homemade form and answers questions that are of interest her fans.

11. Lauren Hutton

Lauren Hutton is the star of the Bottega Veneta ad campaign. \ Photo:

Model Lauren Hutton set her personal record at one time, becoming the face of the cover of Vogue magazine as many as 26 times and to this day remains one of the most recognizable faces of show business. Lauren's career began back in 1973 when she signed a partnership with Revlon Cosmetics, which lasted ten long years. Throughout her fashion career, Hatton has collaborated with renowned brands such as Alexander Wang, H&M, Lord & Taylor and Barney's New York. Note that she has a classic American appearance, as well as her own zest - a gap between her front teeth, which became her main feature and attracted many partners and offers from them to her. However, at one time, Hatton was very shy about such a "feature", and tried to fill the gap with wax, which she invariably swallowed during filming, which led to health problems. However, at some point, Lauren resigned herself and accepted herself as she is and, obviously, for good reason.

12. Liu Wen

Asian beauty. \ Photo:

Chinese girl Liu Wen started her career relatively recently, in 2005. Although she failed miserably in her first interview, Liu used it not as an excuse to grieve, but as a launching pad, learning a valuable lesson. Liu received her first contracts exclusively in China, but very soon she went on a trip around the world, sparkling on various catwalks and accepting offers for filming for popular brands, as well as appearing on the cover of such famous magazines as GQ and Vogue. In 2017, Liu officially became the first Asian-looking model to appear on the cover of American Vogue. Note that she is also the first Asian model to take part in the Victoria's Secret fashion show. And, of course, she is insanely popular with her fans, has a huge number of subscribers on social networks, which allowed her to raise her popularity to the world level and become one of the most expensive models of our time.

For how they looked, see the next article. What can we say, but we all went through this transformation: from butterfly clamps to blue shadows and more.

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