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Legendary Supermodel Cindy Crawford - 55: Family Secrets and the Secret of a Strong Marriage
Legendary Supermodel Cindy Crawford - 55: Family Secrets and the Secret of a Strong Marriage

February 20 marks the 55th anniversary of one of the world's most famous supermodels, Cindy Crawford. Few representatives of this profession can boast that at this age they still continue to appear on the covers of glossy publications, but time seems to have no power over it. Her family is also called an exception to the rule: despite constant rumors of divorce, she has been married to businessman Randy Gerber for more than 20 years. How the model surprised the journalists by telling about the secret of a long-term relationship, what family grief made her go to success, and why her children have a different surname - further in the review.

The daughter who tried to replace the parents of the son

Cindy Crawford with her family

John Crawford married 16-year-old Jennifer when he found out she was pregnant. He dreamed of a son, but the couple had a daughter, who was named Chris. After her, two more daughters were born - Cynthia Ann (known in the future as Cindy) and Daniel. And when Jeffrey's son was finally born, his father's happiness knew no bounds. But this happiness did not last long: at the age of 2, the baby was diagnosed with leukemia. Cynthia was then 8 years old, she did not yet understand what this word means. They went to Jeff's hospital every day for a year, but, unfortunately, the efforts of the doctors were in vain. 4 years after the boy passed away, the father left the family.

Cindy Crawford in her youth

Cindy told about this family secret only a few years ago. It is for this reason that she did not change her last name either in her first marriage with the famous actor Richard Gere, or in her second marriage with businessman Randy Gerber - Cindy made such a promise to her father: "". In memory of her brother, the supermodel took up charity work and donated a large part of her income to a fund to help children with leukemia, as well as abandoned and needy children.

Cindy Crawford with her sisters

This grief destroyed their family, but rallied the sisters - they saw how their parents were going through, and tried to do everything possible so that they could be proud of them. In the autobiographical book To Live and Delight, which Cindy recently released, she said: "". Cynthia made a bet with her father that she would graduate from high school, and not only did it, but also received a scholarship that covered the cost of studying at Northwestern University at the Faculty of Chemistry and Technology.

From a provincial girl "with a flaw" to a world-famous supermodel

Cindy Crawford at the beginning of her modeling career

Their family always lived very modestly - their father worked as a machinist, electrician and glazier, their mother was a housewife, and after the divorce she got a job as a nurse in a hospital. While still at school, Cynthia helped her as best she could: she cleaned her aunt's house, sat with the children, worked in a clothing store, after the 8th grade she worked in the field every summer, picking corn. Later, in one edition, they wrote that it was there that the journalist who was preparing a report on the harvesting photographed her, and later the picture caught the eye of a famous photographer - and this was the beginning of Crawford's modeling career. This legend was picked up by other media, but in her book Cindy denied it.

Cindy Crawford at the beginning of her modeling career

In her youth, Sydney did not even dream of a modeling career, and she came to her first casting because of an unsuccessful joke of her classmates: once a stranger called her, posing as a boutique employee, and offered to star in an advertisement.When the girl came to this boutique, it turned out that no one was waiting for her there. To the chagrin of the classmates, their prank turned out to be prophetic: a year later, Sydney received her first fee for advertising photography and a fashion show in a new clothing store. And at the age of 17 she won the “Look of the Year” competition and signed a contract with a modeling agency.

Supermodel in his youth

During the day, she went to classes at the university, and in the evenings she worked as a model, but after the first semester, she realized that she did not have time to study and work at the same time, and decided to leave the university. This decision was very difficult for her, because she made so much effort to get there, but her modeling career was very successful, and it was impossible to waste time. Leaving her studies, Cindy moved to New York, and soon her photos graced the covers of all the most famous fashion magazines, she became the face of a cosmetic brand and began to participate in shows of world famous designers.

The mole in the photo was diligently retouched at first

Everything went very well, but there was one problem: since childhood, Cindy was worried about a mole above her lip, which she considered a serious flaw in her appearance, and these worries were aggravated when her agent suggested that she remove this mole. Cindy was ready to undergo surgery, but her mother dissuaded her from this step. Later, the model was very grateful to her, because it was this feature that made her recognizable and became her hallmark. At first, the mole in the photo was retouched, but soon everything changed. "", - said Cindy.

Supermodel in his youth

Tequila-sealed marriage and children stepping on their heels

One of the most successful supermodels of the 1990s. Cindy Crawford

She became one of the most successful and highly paid supermodels of the 1990s, she was repeatedly included in the lists of the most beautiful women in the world. Of course, Cindy Crawford always had many fans, but, unlike many of her colleagues, she did not rush into romances, did not hunt wealthy bachelors and was not involved in scandals. There were 2 marriages in her life, and if the first of them, with the famous actor Richard Gere, could not stand the test of time and fell apart due to the excessive employment of the spouses and the difference in their hobbies and worldviews, then the second marriage has been going on for more than 20 years.

Cindy Crawford with her first husband, Richard Gere

The model met restaurateur and entrepreneur Randy Gerber while she was still married to Richard Gere. Their relationship began with friendship - perhaps this was the key to their longevity. They got married in 1997 and have not parted since then. In this marriage, the model also did not change her surname, but their children Kaia and Presley took their father's surname.

Model with second husband, Randy Gerber

News about their divorce has appeared in the press more than once, but despite these rumors, the couple still appears together in public and does not hesitate to demonstrate tender feelings. When the models were asked about the secret of her unusually long marriage for the world of show business, she gave a very unexpected answer: ""

Supermodel with husband and children

Cindy Crawford still remains in the profession. She no longer goes to the catwalk, but still participates in photo shoots for fashion magazines. Kaia and Presley followed in the footsteps of their mother and have already reached considerable heights in the modeling business: Presley Gerber acts in films for glossy magazines, participates in fashion shows and advertises famous brands, Kaia Gerber has become one of the most demanded young models of recent years and has opened several fashion Week shows in New York, Paris and Milan. Kaya is called "mini-Cindy" - she looks like her mother, like a mirror image of her in her youth. Time will tell whether children will be able to repeat the success of their mother.

Children of Cindy Crawford Kaia and Presley Gerber

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