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Extravagant ladies in years, who proved that an unusual style is not only for young
Extravagant ladies in years, who proved that an unusual style is not only for young

These extravagant ladies are close to the fashion world like no other - and therefore the stylists' recommendations "for women for …" only make them laugh. They are not afraid to seem strange, funny, unlike anyone else in the world. They do not accept prohibitions and create trends themselves, their images are copied by young people, and their main motto is to enjoy life before it's too late. After all, when, if not 80 years old, flaunt in a rainbow swimsuit or a British flag hat?

Anna Piaggi - a woman of legend

The incredible style of Anna Piaggi

In her youth, she worked as a dishwasher, nanny and translator - until, at the age of thirty, she headed the fashion section of Arianna magazine. She typed all of her early articles on a bright scarlet Olivetti typewriter created by controversial designer Ettore Sottsas. Piaggi has amassed a huge collection of vintage pieces that never got a chance to get dusty in wardrobes and shelves - her extravagant style, a mixture of edgy creations from designers and finds from the flea market, was a discovery for the conservative fashion industry. No one saw her twice in the same outfit, her wardrobe consisted of two and a half thousand dresses alone. Piaggi was the first woman who decided to become a "fashion freak", to break the idea of ​​how a "glossy" worker is supposed to look.

Piaggi challenged the entire fashion world

Back in the late 1980s, Piaggi first became the head of Vanity Fair magazine (and made it a leader in the print press), and then became a creative consultant for Italian “Vogue”. She was considered one of the most influential figures in the dangerous world of fashion magazines. She was friends with Karl Lagerfeld, Manolo Blahnik, the "mad hatter" Stephen Jones …

Hats from Stephen Jones

Anna Piaggi passed away in 2012 but remains a cult figure in the fashion world today. Her style is analyzed, outfits are shown at exhibitions (for example, in the British Museum of Victoria and Albert), she is imitated by young fashionistas and fashionistas, and designers devote collections to her.

Forever young Buddy Winkle

Photos from Instagram Buddy Winkle

Buddy Winkle became famous at the age of eighty-six, when she started an Instagram account and began to upload there not photos of grandchildren and well-groomed flower beds, but selfies in crazy outfits - T-shirts with psychedelic prints, vinyl dresses, shiny bicycles … Video taken by her granddaughter, where is Buddy famously smokes a cigarette, brought hundreds and thousands of subscribers to his grandmother's account (although in fact Winkle is not a smoker, although he advocates the legalization of medical marijuana in Tennessee). And now she is already becoming a fashion model for lingerie brands, the face of the advertising campaign for the Missguided brand, and Miley Cyrus, the idol of youth, calls Buddy her role model …

The fashion blog was a salvation for Buddy from depression

Buddy Winkle's motto is “we live once, so let's have fun” (and also “I've been taking your guys since 1928”). She loves to party, dance and spend time with her great-granddaughter's friends, who is her stylist. Buddy loved bright outfits from a young age, but a fashion blog saved her from depression after the death of her husband and son. The eccentric lady has many ill-wishers, or, in the language of the modern Internet, haters, but their rude comments do not sadden her. "I pray for you!" - she answers all critics. Buddy's dream is to inspire many seniors around the world not to withdraw into themselves and continue to enjoy life.

"Giant Elf" Lynn Yager

Lynn Yager is the world's most influential fashion critic

To an ordinary inhabitant of the Internet, Lynn Yager is known as a strange old lady who criticized Melania Trump's style. She is a fashion critic - the most influential of the living, a style icon and a permanent (and possibly immortal - who would believe that Jager is not a creature from another world?) Vogue employee. Her journalistic path began with a little trouble - with the rest of the loan taken for training, Lynn bought dresses … and was left penniless. Then she decided to earn extra money and got a job in the advertising department of The Village Voice. Her first article went to print with attribution - and the next thirty years Lynn gave to this magazine.

Lynn Yager's fabulous outfits

In her articles, she urges to listen not to designers and stylists, but to herself, stands up for individuality and does not miss an opportunity to mock luxury, because her readers are not ready to pay three times more money for a dress than they earn a month. Jager is famous for his sense of humor and ruthlessness to the recognized authorities of the fashion world. Her venomous feather spares no one - yet many designers consider Lynn to be their best friend. Lynn owes her eccentric makeup to a neurological disease - prosopagnosia. Jager does not distinguish between faces, she is unable to recognize even her own in the photo, and therefore has created an image that is not so easy to forget or confuse.

Parisian witch Diana Pernet

Fashion critic, perfumer, designer and a bit of a witch Diana Pernet

Parisian schoolchildren in all seriousness consider her a witch for a Victorian black total look. Madame Pernet is not against such an interpretation of her image and does not leave the house without many brooches in the form of spiders and toads. But she is not at all engaged in love spells, spoilage and potion-making (however, no, there are potions in her repertoire - as a brand of unusual author's perfumery). Diana Perne is the founder of fashionable online journalism. In 2005, she created the first ever fashion blog ASVOFF (“A Shaded View on Fashion Film”), and then - the festival of short films about fashion of the same name.

Black is her favorite

A former designer herself, Pernet started wearing black clothes back in the 80s to take her mind off the prints and shades she had to deal with. So this color became her uniform. When her beloved husband unexpectedly died, Perne chose the image of the "Italian widow" for herself. Over time, the pain of loss passed, but the style remained. In her life there is no well-thought-out strategy, a clear plan, she always easily changed places of residence, work, projects … Only her style remains unchanged, although Pernet insists that in childhood she was crazy about pink, and in her youth she wore antique white lace. She lives in a very bright house with a multicolored interior, loves bright bouquets and sometimes wears a scarlet robe. But black, according to her, is the most energetic and nourishes her with strength.

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