Stylist from Kazakhstan turns even retired women into catwalk queens
Stylist from Kazakhstan turns even retired women into catwalk queens

In fact, no matter how skeptical people are about all kinds of TV shows, where ugly girls are made stylish fashionable beauties, perhaps every woman would dream of such a transformation. Stylist from Kazakhstan Madi Bekdair gives them this opportunity, and not only young or middle-aged women, but even simple grandmothers. He launched a project called "Cardinal Transformation". And it doesn't matter at all who you are - an office employee who was unexpectedly promoted to boss, or a simple housewife. The main thing is to make up your mind.

Amazing makeover

Each pair of photos that are presented on the stylist's website and on his Instagram account have completely different people. And only the inscriptions "before" and "after" at the bottom of each photo let us know that this is the same woman.

I can't even believe that this is one and the same person You can become a fashionable beauty even at a silver age

The stylist transforms his "wards" literally in one day. However, before this "radical transformation" begins, the woman is asked what her goal is. Other owls, for which she needs to change her image.

For example, one of the ladies explained that for the past five years she has been experimenting with her style, but in the end she realized that in fact her goal was to find her soul mate after eight years of loneliness. In the course of the "fashion marathon" she found out what mistakes hinder the realization of her goal and do not allow her to meet the man of her dreams. Now she will definitely not make any mistakes!

Interesting reincarnation To change yourself, you just need to take a risk

Another woman decided to change her image due to the fact that she was promoted and needed to make people more respectful of herself. The stylist explained to her that her entire style, which she had followed for the past five years, conveyed softness. Hence - and the corresponding attitude to her around. To achieve success in life (and especially in her career), she lacked status, solidity, which Madi's team brought into her image.

Some women simply do not have enough solidity and gloss to succeed in life Young woman after reincarnation

In the second stage, the stylist and his team examine the woman's wardrobe to determine if it contains clothes that will help in creating a new look, or if you need to get a new one.

At the next stage, a make-up artist is involved in the case. Then - a hairdresser. He does a woman's hair (sometimes you have to dye her hair in a radically different color) and gives specific advice on how to further maintain the hair in the desired shape.

Sometimes you have to drastically repaint your hair The stylist approaches every image creatively, but it is imperative to know the goal a woman is pursuing

When the new image of a woman is ready, a photographer captures it on the camera, so that later the model, as well as Internet users, can evaluate the result by comparing it with the "source".

The difference is striking And this is also the same woman!

Madi Bekdair explains that he has been doing what he loves for 18 years. In addition, he has been teaching at a stylist school for the past 12 years.

The magical transformation of Cinderella into a princess

Appearance can really change not only a person's mood, but also his fate. For example, make a gloomy beech smile. This is confirmed by the history of howone dentist travels the world and treats teeth to the poor for free.

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