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Designers talked about the main trends of modern interior
Designers talked about the main trends of modern interior
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Modern man dreams of living beautifully. In the literal sense - in a cozy house with a stylish interior. True, some people forget that the interior is not created for several weeks or months. The ideal interior is timeless. And sometimes it happens that you really like certain design ideas, but some time passes and objects and solutions that looked stylish and fashionable look outdated and ridiculous.

Experienced designers advise to give preference to a timeless interior, which will be a great addition to Italian furniture from the site, and make any global changes in the house only being sure that in a year they will not go out of fashion. So which modern interior trends should you give preference to, so as not to miscalculate?

Natural materials are a timeless theme

Any natural materials are ideal in the interior: stone, wood, textiles, glass or metal. These materials fit perfectly into almost any interior. If the floor is made of natural wood, if the upholstery for furniture is made of natural fabrics that provide comfort at any time of the year. Stone is good for the kitchen and individual details in living rooms. No other artificial material can be compared with this durable, practical and beautiful material. And what is important - natural materials always remain on the crest of popularity.

Accent lighting

The interior, thought out to the smallest detail, also presupposes such a detail as accent lighting. Modern lighting stores offer different models of lighting fixtures with a double function - a piece of furniture and a lamp. Today you can find practical illuminated mirrors, lamps built into pots, a symbiosis of a floor lamp and whatnots, and many more interesting and sometimes unexpected solutions.

Soft forms - comfort and security

Of course, the hi-tech style with its bold angular solutions looks super modern. And yet, if you want a truly cozy home, then you should give preference to soft edges and rounded shapes. The fact is that from a psychological point of view, straight lines are something too simple and somewhat rude. Therefore, it is better to give preference to the organic format of lamps and furniture - something that is somehow connected with nature is always in fashion.

Sustainable interior is an unconditional trend of the XXI century

In the 21st century, people have shifted to conscious shopping and sensible consumption. It is believed that it is much better to surround yourself with things with a history than to buy newfangled knick-knacks. And if not so long ago the so-called "furniture for one day" was popular, today people are more interested in items that can serve for many years.

People go to the flea market in an effort to find classic furniture, interrupt old armchairs and sofas, restore dressers and chairs. The market for interior items, created in the 20th century, is experiencing a real boom today.

Luminous furniture

Another modern trend is furniture that glows. This is an absolute novelty, and many have not even heard of it. Nevertheless, luminous furniture brings a special atmosphere and pleasant variety to the house - completely ordinary furniture takes on a new image during the day in the evening. It is important that such items fit perfectly into the interior of any style and purpose, go well with natural finishes and understand the degree of "gravity" of a classic interior.

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