How a creative dad decided to "revive" his children's drawings, and what came of it
How a creative dad decided to "revive" his children's drawings, and what came of it

Tom Curtis from London maintains an Instagram page called Things I Drew. The father of two and part-time photographer shows subscribers what will happen if children's drawings become reality. Tom has two children - 9 and 11 years old. He photographs the drawings of both his own and others' children, and then brings these "scribbles" to life. The result is both shocking and hilarious.

Funny chicken

According to Tom, many factors affect the duration of the creation of such a character. It all depends on what kind of object is drawn (animals, as a rule, can be “brought to life” faster than, for example, vehicles); what is the texture (drawn reptile scales take ages to revive, and smooth skin - quickly); whether the drawing has a lot of details (their abundance also slows down the process) and so on.

“On average, it takes about ten hours,” Tom concludes.

My dad from London has a lot of experience in this work - he has been doing photoshop for almost a quarter of a century.

Apparently, this is a woodpecker Adorable dog

Tom also explains that his children, Dom and Al, are now 11 and 9 years old, respectively, so he does not undertake to revive their current drawings - they are too "complex" and have lost their naivety.

- Fortunately, I have preserved quite a lot of their old, "baby" works, - says the father.

After five years of photographing and processing children's drawings, Tom's Instagram account has over 736,000 followers.

Cheerful tank No less funny dog

Tom's journey into the art of making children's drawings began when he saw that his son Dom had drawn a strange-looking beast. The father noticed that the baby (like most children) draws the eyes and mouth on one side of the animal's head.

- The thought occurred to me that maybe it is we, adults, who look at the world wrong, and our children are doing everything right. Therefore, I decided to do photoshop and rethink animals, faces, vehicles and objects in the same way as they are perceived and drawn by children, - Tom told Popsugar's Angela Law in an interview.

Either a goose or a swan Horse

It is interesting that all photographs convey the nature of the drawings as accurately as possible, and both the photographs and the original pictures can be used to determine who exactly is depicted. Even if it was drawn by a kid. Perhaps Tom knows how to choose sincere and talented drawings.

It is immediately clear who is shown in the picture

Now, many parents provide the creative dad with scribbles of their children to bring them to life, and it doesn't seem like the tide will run dry anytime soon.

Any parent can send such a drawing to Tom. What if you are lucky and the photographer will choose him to "revive"?


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