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5 talents and hobbies of Kate Middleton, which she prefers to remain silent about
5 talents and hobbies of Kate Middleton, which she prefers to remain silent about

Everyone knows her as the wife of Prince William, who may well eventually take the throne of Great Britain. And Kate Middleton is also a wonderful wife, caring mother, benefactor and role model for millions of women around the world. Perhaps the duties of a member of the royal family and a mother of three children leave the Duchess not so much time for her hobbies, but still she tries not to give up her interests.

The photo

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton has not left her youthful passion for photography until now. Even while studying at St. Andrews University, in addition to the main disciplines, she attended a special course in photography. She even worked for her parents' company Party Pieces for a while and took photographs for her website. Today, the Duchess of Cambridge calls herself an "enthusiastic amateur photographer" and enjoys photographing her family. Her successes in this field are recognized even by professionals, as evidenced by her honorary membership in the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain.


Kate Middleton

For several years, Kate Middleton took painting lessons from professional artists, but she is in no hurry to present her creations to the world. Anonymous sources claim that Kate Middleton actually draws very well, especially landscapes and portraits of children. Friends and family have been persuading her to arrange a solo exhibition for a long time, but she is not yet so confident in her skills. By the way, on the booklets with the wedding program of Kate Pippa's sister one could see a pencil sketch written by the hand of the Duchess of Cambridge. She depicted the church where the wedding ceremony took place.


Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Charles

Kate Middleton takes special pleasure in caring for her garden and garden. Even as a child, she fell in love with this activity thanks to her mother and grandmother, and now she generously shares with her children the secrets of gardening and horticulture and attracts her sons and daughter to simple jobs. And even as a duchess, she grew greens and berries in a country estate, however, admitted that her harvest was not too impressive. However, she always has the opportunity to try again.


Kate Middleton is learning to conduct

Since childhood, the Duchess of Cambridge was a very passionate person. She tried herself in acting, ballet and even vocals, but quickly realized that she did not have outstanding abilities in this matter and preferred music. In the school orchestra Tootie-Flooties, the future duchess played the flute, and also managed to master the ukulele.


Kate Middleton

The wife of Prince William has kept her love for sports since childhood. She still enjoys playing tennis, swimming, rowing and sailing, in which she shows very decent results during charity competitions. Tennis coaches who taught Kate Middleton as a child and adolescent, promised her a place in the first racket, if she gives preference to this sport. But the laurels of the champion at one time did not seduce her.

Despite her many talents and abilities, Kate Middleton prefers not to talk about them. Perhaps she is just being shy, but the fact remains: even when the Duchess of Cambridge is praised, she tries to translate everything into a joke and seems to be slightly embarrassed.

And Kate Middleton loves to read and can often be found with a book in her hands. When, during the quarantine, Kate Middleton posted photos taken in Anmer Hall in Norfolk, where the family was in self-isolation, many fans drew attention to books from the Duchess's desktop. Literature lovers recognized the series from Penguin, and many immediately began recommending books for reading.

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