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And there are spots in the sun: 6 bad habits of Kate Middleton
And there are spots in the sun: 6 bad habits of Kate Middleton

The wife of Prince William is considered almost flawless, she is imitated by millions of women around the world. Kate Middleton herself, it seems, is always ready for close attention to her person. She is always smiling, affable and reserved. She knows how not to show her emotions to the public, does not provoke rumors about herself and does not make public mistakes. But do not forget that the Duchess of Cambridge is a living person, and she also has flaws.


Kate Middleton

Those people who have known Kate Middleton for a very long time claim that before the wedding she could be seen more than once with cigarettes in her hands. It seems that she managed to get rid of the bad habit, becoming a member of the British royal family. However, the unhealthy complexion made the media and fans of the Duchess suspect that she could not say goodbye to her weakness forever, but simply learned to hide it. At least no one saw Kate Middleton with a cigarette after the wedding.

Passion for diets

Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge has always been very slim. In addition, the wife of Prince William is trying to adhere to a healthy diet in nutrition, although she could not completely get rid of her addiction to different diets. For example, from time to time she often practices a fashionable diet based on eating raw foods that are not cooked. When Kate Middleton wants to lose weight, she prefers the Ducan Diet, with which she lost weight before her own wedding. The Duchess of Cambridge's excessive thinness led the tabloids to suspect she had an eating disorder known as bulimia. She never spoke about it, although Prince William would undoubtedly support his wife. He mentioned in one of his interviews that he was proud of his mother when she admitted that she had problems with eating behavior.

With food in bed

Kate Middleton and Prince William

Despite her commitment to a healthy lifestyle, Kate Middleton does not mind from time to time to arrange a "belly party". Prince William rejoices when his wife is gaining a little weight, so he is always ready to keep her company. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, having put the children to bed, retire to their own bedroom, having prepared food in advance for a very late dinner in bed. On such days, they stock up on pizza and other high-calorie snacks and enjoy the opportunity to do what they like.

Not by the rules

Kate Middleton

In 2012, the European media published a number of photographs of the Duchess of Cambridge, who allowed herself to sunbathe topless during her vacation. Then a loud scandal erupted, forcing Prince William and his wife to choose more closed places for recreation, where the likelihood of meeting the paparazzi is almost impossible. But even in addition to these photos, newspapers and magazines from time to time have a reason to criticize Kate Middleton for too short or overly revealing outfits. A light gust of wind lifted the edge of the Duchess's dress more than once, and nosy photographers invariably managed to take a picture, which subsequently caused dissatisfaction with Queen Elizabeth II.

Non-observance of etiquette

Kate Middleton, Prince William and Elizabeth II

Failure to comply with the rules of etiquette has become another reason for accusations against Kate Middleton. It is known that the Duchess of Cambridge is obliged to bow in a light curtsy, greeting the higher members of the royal family.But the duchess often neglects this rule, especially when her husband is not around. She usually only curtsies in the presence of the Queen, and at her 2011 wedding, she didn't do that either. Abandoning the rules prescribed by etiquette is actually considered a bad habit.

Spends too much

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton often appears in public in outfits from the mass market, she can wear dresses more than once, but sometimes she allows herself too much, according to some British residents. When journalists scrupulously calculated the cost of the clothes in which the Duchess of Cambridge could be seen from January to April 2017, the people showed dissatisfaction. The media said: according to the most conservative estimates, the wife of Prince William spent more than 77 thousand dollars only on clothes and accessories during this period. But she is a princess who simply has to look good!

Kate Middleton is a wonderful wife, caring mother and benefactor. Perhaps the duties of a member of the royal family and a mother of three children leave the Duchess not so much time for her hobbies, but still she tries not to give up her interests.

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