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Famous ladies who successfully married after 50 years
Famous ladies who successfully married after 50 years

As the famous song says, you can marry the prince of your dreams even after thirty. Our today's heroines managed to meet their beloved, being ladies of a much wiser age. Fifty years is not the limit for the emergence of romantic relationships, some of them have tender feelings at the age of 60 and 70. Their husbands confirmed the seriousness of their intentions with luxurious gifts in the form of castles, creative projects and even the birth of joint children. So do not think that this is a farce - love, as they say, all ages are submissive.

Alla Pugacheva

Alla Pugacheva with Maxim Galkin

The history of this novel is worthy of a play. Rumors, a high-profile divorce, a secret relationship, a lover 27 years younger, a secret betrothal, the birth of children - a rare celebrity can boast of such a twisted love story. Recall that the couple considers the beginning of their romance on November 15, 2001. However, at that moment, the star was married to the king of the pop scene Philip Kirkorov, therefore, for the eyes of the young and charming Maxim Galkin, they began to be called a lovebird.

And even more so after a noisy divorce. The aspiring comedian joked that, they say, now he probably needs to get married, because Alla Borisovna is now an unmarried lady. At the end of December 2011, the Prima Donna tied the knot in a secret ceremony. The 62-year-old star later told reporters that she really hoped that this fifth marriage would be her last.

Two years later, fans were shocked that this couple became parents. Of course, the surrogate mother gave birth to the babies Harry and Lisa, but this did not prevent the Prima Donna from delighting to immerse herself in household chores and raising children. Recently, the children went to a prestigious school, and our celebrity continues to lead a quiet, happy family life in the castle that her beloved built for her.

Leah Akhedzhakova

Leah Akhidzhakova and Vladimir Persiyanov

The incredibly talented and inimitable Russian actress also could not find family happiness for a long time. The star of such films as "Garage", "Office Romance", "Promised Heaven" got married twice, and each attempt ended in divorce. Lia Medzhidovna met her first love while working at the Youth Theater, when she was playing the roles of bunnies and chanterelles as a young girl. The young actor Valery Nosik charmed Leah, but family life did not work out. The second chosen one again became a creative person - artist and poet Boris Kocheyshvili.

He wrote poetry beautifully, but he could not take care of the family. Lie Majidovna had to take care of all household problems and financial issues. Her husband could not find his place in life in any way, and when his work received recognition, the family relations were all the more disorganized. The actress filed for divorce and vowed not to associate her life with anyone else. For more than 10 years, she remained true to her decision.

However, Cupid is not asleep - in the seventh decade, the actress met the photographer Vladimir Persiyanov. Relations developed gradually, and Lia Medzhidovna, disappointed in men, did not want to advertise them for a long time. The marriage between the 63-year-old actress and the 43-year-old photojournalist was registered in 2001. Today they have been together for twenty years.

Tina Turner

Tina Turner and Erwin Bach

The rock and roll star, known for her impulsiveness and temperament, has nevertheless married twice. Her first relationship with musician Raymond Hill gave young Anna May Bullock a son, but the relationship lasted only a year. A few years later, she met the ambitious Ike Turner. In this marriage, the singer changed her name, achieved fame, gave birth to a second son, but fell into complete dependence on her husband in every sense. He became not only her sole producer, but a tough spouse who often resorted to insults and physical violence.

In the end, the unfortunate woman ran away from him in the middle of a tour with sheer pennies and taking on the entire burden of financial debt. She managed to break off a vicious relationship, find a new faith in herself, receive eight Grammy awards and the title of "the greatest singer of our time." For a long time she refused to marry men.

Music producer Erwin Bach, who was in love with her, had to wait 27 years before Tina Turner's heart thawed. They have lived together for a long time, they have established a family nest near the Swiss Zurich, but each time the celebrity answered "no" to Erwin's proposal. And only in July 2013, the 73-year-old star agreed to marry a 57-year-old persistent friend.

The wedding ceremony was sustained in Buddhist traditions: guests were asked to dress in all white, and the holiday itself was surrounded by 70 thousand freshly cut roses. As the star said, they did not utter loud phrases at the ceremony - they exchanged vows with their lover many years ago. The sincerity of the spouse's intentions is also evidenced by the fact that Erwin Bach is always there in difficult times. So, three weeks after the wedding, Tina had a stroke, after which the woman had to learn to walk again, then she was diagnosed with bowel cancer, which led to complete renal failure. At this serious moment, a loving husband donated his healthy kidney so that his beloved could continue to live.

Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren and Taylor Hackford

The British actress with Russian roots has repeatedly proved that it is possible to achieve success and personal happiness even after fifty years. Its recipe is simple - you need not stay boring, but constantly pleasantly surprise others and especially yourself. So, Elena Vasilievna Mironova (this is the real name and surname of the actress) became happily married at 52, and her cherished Oscar statuette - at 61 for the historical drama The Queen. And the film critics were not mistaken - the film star is so popular that she even starred in the youth blockbuster "Fast and Furious 8". For 12 years, the actress lived in a civil marriage with director Taylor Hackford, who had a hand in the creation of such famous films as The Devil's Advocate, Ray, The Officer and the Gentleman, The Ranch of Love, and Proof of Life.

It was just good for them to be together, so the question of the legal formalization of the relationship was not raised for a long time. However, on the last day of 1997, on Hackford's 53rd birthday, the couple unexpectedly became engaged. As the actress later recalled, they agreed that these paintings would not change their lives in any way. However, everything has changed. And oddly enough, the star really liked it. Now they have been together for twenty-three years. Helen Mirren believes that the secret of their happy marriage was that they met already formed personalities and both "had the mind from the very beginning to respect each other's work, not to impose their habits and tastes."

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