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Conductor of the spirit: in memory of Valery Khalilov - musician, general and leader of the ensemble named after Alexandrova
Conductor of the spirit: in memory of Valery Khalilov - musician, general and leader of the ensemble named after Alexandrova

Battle banner - what is the meaning of this almost mystical artifact? The military, most likely, will refer to the charter, saying that the regiment that has lost its combat banner is subject to unconditional disbandment. And the regiment that has preserved its banner, no matter how badly it was battered, will be replenished. That is, in full accordance with the spirit and letter of the charter, a full-blooded regiment is considered lost if the banner is lost, and the regiment, in which, for example, only the standard-bearer remained in the ranks, is considered to exist.

But, firstly, this is not a rag, and secondly, it is not even a historical relic. From the point of view of the charter, there is no difference between the banner of glory and the banner of a completely new regiment. So what is it? Someone's oversight in the charter? No - that's exactly how it is! A brand new banner, no worse than the old one - drenched in blood because every soldier of the regiment is obliged to defend it to the last drop of blood. That is, the banner is considered to be watered with blood immediately after delivery.

Musician and General Valery Khalilov

Enough has been said, all those who disagree can only come to terms with the real existence of mysticism and the dense Middle Ages in real army life in our time. But in fact … No matter how the weapons, equipment, methods of warfare change, people from this do not change at all. In this respect, the Middle Ages is not going to go anywhere.

Somewhere near the battle banners of our regiments there is something completely intangible, or, so to speak, hovers. The implementation of this Something is occupied by military personnel, in the age of nuclear weapons and combat neural networks, armed only with wind musical instruments and drums. Shooting and exercises of combat crews are not the main thing for them, their task is music and a clear rhythm. Music, its necessity in the army and in war, is indisputable as the military authority of Suvorov. - this is said by a man who has not suffered a single defeat. Only the one who repeats his military path has the right to disagree with him. But this second imaginary hero is unlikely to disagree with the real Suvorov.

The tragic disaster of the military Tu-154

On December 25, 2016, a military Tu-154 disaster occurred off the coast of Sochi

Three years ago, on December 25, all of Russia was shocked by the news of the crash of the military Tu-154 off the coast of Sochi. The board flew from Moscow to Syria. The official results of the investigation of the disaster have not been published, there is no open data on specific problems on board. According to rumors, it was a sabotage, but there is no open data confirming this either. Indirect open sources indicate that the skill and skill of the crew practically excluded the possibility of a human factor. It was the same legendary crew that five years before the tragedy landed the "dancing Tu-154" at the Chkalovskoye military airfield near Moscow …

Let's not guess, we'd better remember the losses. On that sad morning, in addition to the above-mentioned crew and other people no less dear to us, we lost the main composition of the Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Russian Army, headed by its artistic director, Lieutenant General Valery Khalilov. In military and musical circles, Khalilov was called Suvorov from music, the Suvorov Military School of Music, which he graduated from, now bears his name. The Suvorovites are a separate caste within the Russian officer corps - officers among officers.As a rule, they are distinguished by complete reliability in relation to service (these will not lose the battle banner) and genuine humanity in relation to their subordinates.

General Valery Khalilov - Suvorov from music

Valery Khalilov

General Valery Khalilov was a Suvorovite among the Suvorovites. It is possible that it was the above statement of Suvorov that became decisive for him in his choice of life path. He treated military music exactly like a military one:. Because military music, we add on our own, is a real military matter.

It must also be said about the Suvorovites that usually these military men to their marrow do not give the impression of martyrs at all. General Khalilov is no exception, all his life he was completely his own in the highest civilian musical circles of Russia, also, for example, he became one of the main experts in local history in Tsarskoye Selo, where he began his service as a lieutenant. People's Artist and Honored Art Worker of Russia, he was also "not for the kit", but really just was.

International military music festival "Spasskaya Tower"

Valery Khalilov was the artistic director of the Spasskaya Tower international military music festival

The track record of Lieutenant General Valery Khalilov is too long to describe it here, in Russia and in the world, he is best known as the founder and artistic director of the international military music festival "Spasskaya Tower". This festival has existed since 2009; it was attended not only by military musicians from countries that can be called Russia's allies, but also military musicians from countries that can be safely called potential opponents of Russia. Music, as you know, is able not only to unite friends, but also to reconcile open enemies. The existence of the festival was not prevented by any sanctions or even by the death of its founder, so reliably it was founded and managed to acquire such an important world cultural significance.

The track record of Lieutenant General Khalilov is not only long, it is also impeccable, but this does not mean that this path was easy. The general once said:. This can be said only by a person who did not destroy, but built - built for centuries. After his death, it became clear how many people not only knew, but also loved him.

A documentary film about musician and general Valery Khalilov "Conductor of the Spirit"

In the Russian YouTube sector, you will find more than one or two videos dedicated to our music Suvorov. Most of them were shot hot on the heels of the tragedy and, one way or another, belongs to the genre of a detailed TV report on the topic of the day. Of course, this is a worthy tribute to the memory of Khalilov.

Decent, but not complete - the spite of the day passes. Only something immaterial remains, like a battle banner, like music, like genuine humanity. However, relatively recently, a film was released in which the director's gaze acquired a non-news perspective. It would be more accurate to say that such a film is ripe. As the poet rightly noted: "Great things are seen at a distance."

Irma Komladze's film "The Conductor of the Spirit" was shot in the genre of a documentary biography. The film documents included in it are truly unique. Among them are not only footage of the Khalilov family chronicle, where the general was filmed in an unofficial setting - not as a general, but as one of his own, a loved one in the circle of family and friends. It is also an interview with his family and friends: brother, friends, subordinates in the service, students … With those people who maintained the closest personal ties with him, strengthened by the common cause of their life. The film was highly appreciated in this closest circle of Valery Khalilov. People who knew him are unanimous that:

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