Russian businessmen are fighting for the creepy monument to Alyonka
Russian businessmen are fighting for the creepy monument to Alyonka
Russian businessmen are fighting for the creepy monument to Alyonka

In Novovoronezh, three days after the installation, the monument to the founder of the settlement, Alenka, was dismantled, which horrified local residents. Now businessmen and the producer of the group "Tender May" are fighting for the right to own the sculpture, which has already become a meme in social networks.

Alenka, which local authorities call an "art object", was erected on December 18 to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the village of Novaya Alenovka, which is now replaced by the city of Novovoronezh. According to legend, Alenka was a walker, that is, she was looking for land for a settlement. The legend says that she came to the Don from the city of Lebedyan and called her fellow villagers to a new good place by the stream. Alenka herself did not have to live there: she was killed by the robber Kudeyar.

"This legend, beautiful in content, was born among the people as an attempt to comprehend the name of the river (stream), to give it an explanation. The people created the image of the woman Alenka, who did good to people and died in tragic circumstances," the city administration website says.

The image of Alenka, embodied in metal, turned out to be creepy. In social networks, he was compared to the characters of horror films, musician Marilyn Manson, white walkers from the TV series "Game of Thrones". According to local journalist Vsevolod Inyutin, the installation of the sculpture was the key and most costly event for the 250th anniversary of Novaya Alenovka, it was supposed to contribute to the "patriotic education" of the residents.

The author of the project is the well-known Voronezh sculptor Alexander Zhilin, the former chairman of the board of the regional union of architects, the BBC Russian Service reports. The money was allocated by the ATR NPP fund, which is part of Rosatom. According to officials, Alenka cost up to a million rubles.

Voronezh restaurateur Nikolai Shalygin said on Facebook that the authorities of Novovoronezh have already received more than 50 applications for the purchase of the monument to Alenka. The businessman himself suggested leaving the statue in Voronezh, "making it a tourist attraction." The city administration launched a survey on its page in the social network "VKontakte" on how to deal with Alenka.

Not only local entrepreneurs, but also Moscow ones became interested in the sculpture. The restaurateur Boris Zarkov told the Moskva 24 TV channel that he was ready to spend "several hundred thousand rubles" on Alenka. "This is a reflection of our reality, and it will look great in my yard. Maybe in Sochi at a restaurant of some kind. This is a very wonderful job, in my personal opinion," he said.

The producer of "Tender May" Andrei Razin also wished to buy the art object. He wrote on his Instagram that he wants to keep it as "a reminder of the outgoing 2020 - the most difficult and terrible year not only for Russia, but for the whole world."

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