30 retro photographs from the time of tsarist Russia about alcoholic beverages in the life of a Russian person
30 retro photographs from the time of tsarist Russia about alcoholic beverages in the life of a Russian person
Old photos: Russians and vodka

The chronicle narrative about the "test of faith" by Vladimir Krasno Solnyshko, whose name is associated with the baptism of Rus, says that embassies from different nations came to him and called to convert to their faith. But the prince chose Orthodoxy, and the fact that this religion did not forbid alcohol played an important role. 30 old photographs of our review allow you to get an idea of ​​the place of alcohol in the life of a Russian person.

It should be noted that drunkenness in Russia, contrary to popular opinion, has always been treated with condemnation. Old posters, which clearly explained why drinking is harmful, can testify to this.

Drunkenness is the root of all evil!

Such visual agitation was supposed to help convince people to ask for a drink. The authors of the first poster depicted the consequences of alcohol abuse: it leads to poverty, destroys families, encourages theft and so on, so forth. Moreover, the drinker ends his life, as the poster says, with death without repentance.

Come to your senses and stop drinking

The authors of the second poster compare the lives of a non-drinker and a drinking person not in favor of the latter.

And now a few photos showing alcohol. It's worth noting that some of the photos, like this one, were very stylish.

A bottle in a stylish frame

Many empty bottles in the frame, perhaps, were supposed to symbolize the depth of the emotions of the heroes of the photographs.

Lots of empty bottles

Rest at nature.

On a picnic

In the photo, you can see a pattern: the lower the income, the larger the bottle.

The lower the income, the larger the bottle

A bottle on the table is a must-have accessory for friendly and family gatherings.

What a tea without vodka

It is sacred to have a drink after work.

After work

Doctors drink.

Doctors talking

The military drinks.

Balalaikas, shoulder straps and vodka

Lovers drink.

Dreams, beautiful dreams …

And even from the throat.

Group photo

And from the horn.

Wine lovers from the Caucasus

The picnics were, judging by the photos, very popular.

Alcoholic picnic Alcoholic picnic

And one more poster

Drunkenness is the root of all evil

It seems that the Russians drank even in Japan …


And even with children …

Family feast Family feast

Monument to the bottle.

Monument to the bottle

Studio photo. The bottle and the corkscrew are in the center of the composition.

Studio photo with a bottle

In the frame of the officers …

The officers are resting

… and officials.

Secular dinner

And again a poster …


Another studio photo - "Friends and an empty bottle."

Friends and an empty bottle

Nature, vodka, accordion.

Outdoors with an accordion

Secular dinner.

In a restaurant with a harp

The feast is simpler.

Home gatherings

The main thing is not to lose the shore. After all, with a bottle from fun to tragedy half a step.

In an alcoholic intoxication everyone has fun

Throughout its history in Russia, vodka not only has not lost its popularity, but has acquired a mass of interesting facts. 10 interesting facts about Russian vodka confirm that this drink has never been a cult in Russia.

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