The bible became a comic book
The bible became a comic book
The bible became a comic book

The Bible became a comic strip. This was announced by representatives of the well-known Christian publishing house Kingstone, which is actually responsible for the release of the comic adaptation. Don't think that the work done at Kingstone is second-rate. It took artists and writers about seven years to create such a Bible. The comic is arranged in 12 volumes. According to the authors, the adaptation barely fit into two thousand pages. Thus, this adaptation of the Bible has become the most voluminous and large-scale graphic work in history to date.

Kingstone has uncovered some of the "secrets" of the customization manufacturing process. According to representatives, 45 illustrators worked on the project. According to the head and founder of Kingstone Art Iris, the comic format for adaptation was not chosen for nothing. The point is that the combination of text and graphics allows you to show as much as possible in a relatively compressed form.

Art Iris also stated that the idea to turn the Bible into a comic book came to them after they thought that most people saw this religious work as something repulsively complicated, incomprehensible, cumbersome, full of difficult, sometimes untranslatable pronunciations of names. concepts and, at first glance, stories that are in no way connected with each other. First of all, the comic is aimed at children and teenagers.

The comic book Bible will be on sale for only $ 75. It will be available in either of two formats: three hardcover volumes or 12-volume paperback.

In fairness, it should be noted that this is not the first such adaptation. In fact, today there is simply an incredible number of all kinds of Bible editions for children, including the smallest, and teenagers.

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