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5 tips for parents who want to teach their child to read
5 tips for parents who want to teach their child to read
5 tips for parents who want to teach their child to read

Every day, more and more often we hear from the people around us that the current generation of children and adolescents does not want to pick up books at all. Many parents are perplexed: are children really not interested in the exciting thrilling adventures of three Musketeer friends or, say, the life story of the reliable White Fang, the tricks of the funny hooligans Tom Sawyer and his faithful friend Huckleberry Finn, or the fascinating journeys of the brave sailor Robinson Crusoe? Some twenty years ago, teenagers from all over the country were reading the aforementioned works from late night until morning. What has changed in modern children?

Tip one: consider the competition

A multitude of television channels, the Internet, 3D format and much more have noticeably pushed books out of our lives. As a result, our children cannot even adequately express their own opinion, because their vocabulary is significantly limited, and their personal life is reduced to banal chatter in various social networks, in which "real" friends are replaced by "friend". The modern adolescent is no longer able to explain why he likes it, but “this one” is not. A modern teenager will simply put an animated emoticon that will express his attitude to the subject of discussion.

Second tip: the sooner the better

If you believe the statements of psychologists, then in order for your child to “become” a reader, it is necessary to deal with him from the moment he was born. And already at three or four years old, you must create a company for your offspring in order to read with him. Try to ask the kid questions, be interested in exactly how he would act if he was in the place of a literary hero. This is the advice of almost all world psychologists. It is extremely important that after a while in the company of your child his peers appear who would advise him interesting books, because the opinion of friends often means much more than the advice of mom or dad.

Advice three: by example

Your child will never love to read books if his parents don't. Only by personal example will dad and mom be able to "infect reading" and the child. If you yourself have not taken a book in your hands for a long time, then do not cherish the hope that the child will grow up to be a passionate book lover.

Tip four: share your experience

Read for yourself, retell what you read with your child, tell your child what exactly you liked to read in your distant youth, gently advise those books that you liked.

Fifth tip: "immerse" your child in the world of books

Regularly attend any events related to literature with your whole family: book exhibitions, literary competitions, second-hand book fairs. Sign up to the library.

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