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How to properly present a bouquet of flowers to a girl
How to properly present a bouquet of flowers to a girl
How to properly present a bouquet of flowers to a girl

The question of how to give flowers to a girl correctly is of interest to many representatives of the stronger sex. Indeed, sometimes a bouquet that is well chosen and presented in accordance with all the rules of etiquette can be the beginning of a romantic relationship. Flowers are always appropriate, but you need to give them in accordance with all the rules to make a pleasant surprise and look like a real gentleman. Today, flower delivery through the Russian Bouquet in Tyumen can be a good solution, but this still does not change the rules of etiquette.

Why flowers are the best gift for a girl

The first association that comes to mind when it comes to flowers is beauty. And a lady of any age dreams of being beautiful and in the midst of beauty. Therefore, a bouquet is considered a universal gift. If you make the right composition, but you can give it not only on a romantic date, but for any reason - birthday, graduation from university, birth of a child, promotion. The bouquet can be a great addition to the main present or an independent gift.

Where and how to hand flowers

Presenting a bouquet in a hurry is not worth it. On the street or in a restaurant, at home or in the cinema - the main thing is to do it with feeling and unexpectedly. These simple rules will make it possible for a girl to remember this moment, because the weaker sex has a weakness for pleasant surprises.

How many flowers should there be in a bouquet

You can give a girl and one flower. But in this case, it must be perfect itself. You can present it in its original packaging. A great way to make a present just and certainly to cheer up a friend.

For the first date, it is recommended to choose a bouquet of 3-5 flowers. This choice will be a great solution if you want to make an unexpected surprise or go on a first date.

7 colors are a special number. Florists claim that such a bouquet is given if they expect to continue the relationship.

A bouquet of 9-15 flowers will strengthen the girl in the knowledge that everything is serious with you. And the reason can be any - from March 8 to your birthday.

Many flowers in one bouquet! Not only young girls dream about this, but also mature women. As a rule, such bouquets are presented on anniversaries, and you can choose flowers by looking in the flower catalog that every bouquets sale company has. But here it is important to remember about the stereotypes existing in society - you can only give an odd number of flowers. Many people associate an even bouquet with mourning. Therefore, in order not to find yourself in an unpleasant situation if the lady is 20, 30, 40, etc. years, it is better to give 1 flower less - 19, 29, 39.

How to hand over a bouquet correctly

There are just a few simple rules that will help you look like a gallant gentleman. So, you need to hand over the bouquet, holding it in your left hand, buds up and looking the lady in the eyes. And there is a completely logical explanation for these rules. The right hand should not be occupied with a bouquet, it should be free for a handshake. Any bouquet, if turned upside down, will look very dull, even if these are the best roses in the world. A direct glance will make it clear that the gift is sincere, from the bottom of the heart.

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