Israel officially condemned the Latvian musical about a Nazi
Israel officially condemned the Latvian musical about a Nazi
Israel officially condemned the Latvian musical about a Nazi

Several weeks ago in Liepaja the premiere of the musical “Cukurs. Gerber Tsurkus ". On October 23, the Israeli Foreign Ministry spoke about the attitude towards this scandalous musical.

In a statement from the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it is said that Israel condemns the musical, which was shown in Latvia, as it is unacceptable to praise Nazi criminals, such as Herbert Cukurs. It is impossible to turn a criminal into a cultural hero. Previously, the musical was condemned by the Latvian authorities and the international community. Now Israel has joined them. According to the Israeli Foreign Ministry, the new musical is an attempt to deny history, insulting the memory of all those who fell victim to the Nazis.

The story of the Nazi criminal was sharply criticized by the Simon Wiesenthal Center. \ The statement by the press center of the Foreign Ministry was a reminder that during the Second World War, Latvian citizen Herbert Cukurs actively participated in cleansing the Baltic republic of the Jewish population.

The annotation to the musical says that this is a musical about the adventures and tragic fate of an aviator from Liepaja. It was decided to hold the premiere in the hometown of Cukurs. This premiere took place on October 11.

The head of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Jerusalem, named Ephraim Zuroffa, said that the musical was an attempt to rehabilitate Cukurs so that he would no longer be perceived as a criminal who killed a large number of people, and was seen in Herbert as a national hero.

Unfortunately, the victims of the Nazi criminal are gradually forgotten, and the names of many have somehow disappeared from the historical archives. At the same time, there are more and more citizens in Latvia who sympathize with Cukurs.

During the Second World War, Cukurs was a member of Arajs' team, which killed more than 25 thousand Latvian Jews. Eyewitnesses to the events said that he traveled through the ghetto and shot everyone he met with a pistol. During the pogrom in the Riga ghetto, he shot the sick and old people who lagged behind the column.

At the end of the war, Herbert Cukurs moves to Brazil, but he fails to escape punishment. In 1965, a Nazi was killed. The mystery of the murder of the criminal was never solved. There are two versions of what happened: he was avenged by a survivor from the Riga ghetto, or the Israeli intelligence agent "Mossad" punished him.

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