An exhibition dedicated to circus art to open at the Darwin Museum
An exhibition dedicated to circus art to open at the Darwin Museum
An exhibition dedicated to circus art will open at the Darwin Museum

The exhibition will feature exhibits that are the property of the Darwin Museum, as well as real circus objects, works of contemporary artists.

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to see the festival costumes that were invented by the chief artist of the Moscow circus - Nadezhda Russ. These costumes were used in several shows at the Bolshoi Moscow Circus. When visiting the exhibition at the Darwin Museum, guests will be able to learn more about the history of the circus, get to know more closely what the circus was like in Soviet times, and what it is now. This was told by Yana Lepassar, who is responsible for public relations and mass media at the Great Moscow Circus.

The Union of Circus Figures of Russia provided the Darwin Museum with historical exhibits for this exhibition. These exhibits are a saddle with a saddle, which was the property of the Kantemirov dynasty, Aleksey Sokolov's tailcoat, who trained horses, a curtain that depicts a parrot that belonged to the Kio family, Natalia Durova's costume.

In the hall where the exhibition “Circus, Circus, Circus!” Will be held, you can see the graphics of the Russian artist Vadim Trofimov. Several of his works were selected for the exhibition, among which were "Walking Lions", "Bear Circus" and the cover for the book "Notes of the Lion Tamer".

The exhibition also includes the works of Leah Khinshtein, an animal painter. For the exhibition selected works, which depict numbers with animals. The museum selected for the display the painting "In the circus stable", painted in watercolors and a whole cycle of graphics "Soviet circus", consisting of 25 works. In her works, the artist immortalized a large number of circus workers, for example, Tatyana Filatova, who worked with an elephant named Radochka, Mstislav Zapashny with her beloved tigers. Among her works you can see the imprinted numbers of "Sea lions Vasily Timchenko" and "Horses of the Biryukovs".

Contemporary authors from many Russian cities decided to take part in this circus exhibition. They donated their works to the Darwin Museum, which include paintings, photographs, reliefs, sculptures and batik. All of them are related to the circus theme.

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