The computer game "Battle for Donetsk" was created
The computer game "Battle for Donetsk" was created
The computer game "Battle for Donetsk" was created

Belgian video game development studio LuGus Studios has dedicated its new game to the Ukraine Crisis. The computer game was named "Battle for Donetsk" and, as it is not difficult to guess, tells about the confrontation between the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic militia and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, located in the zone of the so-called "Anti-terrorist operation".

The player will be able to choose between the two camps involved in the conflict. You can play both for the militia and for the Ukrainian security forces. In this case, the player will be given the opportunity to become an ordinary soldier and not even the commander of a separate unit. The player will be given the opportunity to play as one of the commanders of both sides.

The essence of the game "Battle for Donetsk", like any other game about war, boils down to achieving victory, but it is impossible to "win" in the "Battle for Donetsk" according to the rules of the game. The fact is that LuGus Studios did not create a game about civil war, but an anti-war game. Whichever side of the conflict the player chooses, whatever political camp he chooses, whatever ideals he fights for, he will not be able to win in the “Battle for Donetsk”.

There is only one "resource" in the game - civilians. Whatever decisions the player makes throughout the entire military campaign, this "resource" will be rapidly expended. With some decisions, civilian casualties will be less, with others - more. However, one way or another, everyone will die by the end of the game campaign.

In this way, the creators of the game from LuGus Studios wanted to show that in modern armed conflicts there is no deliberately correct position, and participants in such crises always lose on both sides of the trenches. After completing the campaign, the player will be shown the number of civilian casualties, as well as the destroyed city and burnt fields.

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