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Braised cobra and "sugar pork": shocking gastronomic addictions of the dictators of the twentieth century
Braised cobra and "sugar pork": shocking gastronomic addictions of the dictators of the twentieth century
Idi Amin is the dictator of Uganda

It is no secret that the heads of state can afford to taste any culinary delights. For some, these are truffles and foie gras, while others like more eccentric foods. Braised cobra, hallucinogenic bark, "sugar pork" - these shocking dishes were preferred by the most cruel dictators of the twentieth century.

Kim Jong Il (North Korea)

Kim Jong Il is a North Korean leader

Kim Jong Il served as head of North Korea from 1994 to 2011. Under his rule, the country's economy rapidly deteriorated. While the people were starving, there was always a lobster tank on the Iron General's armored train. The workers made sure that they never run out.

Boiled rice

The North Korean leader also had a strong belief that all meals served to him should be the same size. It got to the point that a whole group of women was engaged only in selecting grains of rice of the same size for Kim Jong Il's dishes.

Jean Bedel Bokassa (Central African Republic)

Jean Bedel Bokassa is the President of the Central African Republic

Jean Bedel Bokassa considered the most brutal ruler of the twentieth century. In addition to bullying the people, he was also "famous" for his specific taste preferences, namely, eating human meat. During diplomatic receptions, Bokassa often ordered the so-called "sugar pork" to be served on the table, making fun of how his guests taste human flesh. READ MORE …

Adolf Hitler (Germany)

Adolf Hitler and his officers are sitting at a table with fresh fruits and vegetables

By the end of life Adolf Gitler became a vegetarian. In recent months, he ate only mashed potatoes and broth at all. The Fuhrer believed that such a diet would help him get rid of digestive problems: he suffered from chronic flatulence and constipation.

In addition, Hitler had real paranoia about being poisoned. The food prepared for him was first tasted by 15 female tasters. If after three quarters of an hour none of them felt bad, then the Fuhrer himself would sit down at the table.

Joseph Stalin (USSR)

A feast led by Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin preferred traditional Georgian dishes, which contained a lot of garlic, plums, pomegranates. One of the favorite sweets of the Leader of the Nations were gozinaki (kozinaki) - nuts caramelized with honey.

Stalin was very fond of long feasts. Lunches could last for 6 hours. One of his chefs was Spiridon Ivanovich Putin, the grandfather of the current President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin.

Kozinaki from walnuts with honey

Benito Mussolini (Italy)

Italian dictator Benito Mussolini

Benito Mussolini just loved garlic. He loved it drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice. Even the Italian dictator believed that the best meal is the one that takes place with the family. That is why the spouse with five children had to sit at the table by the time Mussolini arrived home. If someone was late, then the head of the family was terrified in anger.

Benito Mussolini with his wife and 5 children

Go Amin (Uganda)

Idi Amin is the dictator of Uganda

President of Uganda Go Amin (from 1971 to 1979) ate 40 oranges a day a day, considering them "natural Viagra". During his exile in Saudi Arabia, the dictator gladly went to a fast food restaurant, ordering pizza and fried chicken there. There were times when Idi Amin imitated the British lifestyle and had afternoon tea. A bit strange for the person who created one of the most terrible totalitarian regimes.

Francisco Nguema Ndonge Macias (Equatorial Guinea)

Nguema Masias is the crazy dictator of Equatorial Guinea

Francisco Nguema Ndonge Macias came to power in 1968 when Equatorial Guinea gained independence from Spain. The president liked to use bhang, a drink made from cannabis and iboga bark, which has hallucinogenic properties. Probably, it was this drink that played an important role in clouding the mind of the ruler. When his regime was overthrown, Macias fled into the jungle, taking the state treasury in his suitcases. He began to eat paper bills, and what he could not eat was sent to the fire.

Pol Pot (Cambodia)

Pol Pot is the ruler of Cambodia

Cambodian leader of the 1970s Pol Pot preferred to eat stewed snakes, cobra soups and dishes made from more traditional meats: veal, pork. Pol Pot did not deny himself anything, while the peasants were allowed to eat only rice soup in the water.

Cobra meat

Dictators can be criticized for anything, but not for the choice of their soul mates, because their wives are all beautiful women.

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