An easy way to learn sign language from illustrations
An easy way to learn sign language from illustrations
Illustrations to help you learn sign language

Famous artist Alex solis created a series of drawings that can be used to learn sign language. The image of each gesture is supported by a miniature illustration, thanks to which the information is easier to remember. Unknown gestures are associated in our minds with cute drawings - and the language is assimilated as if by itself.

Bright and laconic illustrations by Alex Solis are well known to our regular readers. We have already talked about his humorous pictures and images famous cartoon characters… Whatever topic the author creates, light and cheerful characters invariably come out from under his pen, looking at which one wants to smile.

The letter on which the depicted object begins corresponds to the letter of the finger alphabet.

Aplle - letter A Baer is the letter B Cats- letter C Dog - letter D Elephant and Eagle - Letter E
Fox and Fish - Letter F

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