My "plastic" flowers and sweets
My "plastic" flowers and sweets

I have been doing all kinds of handicrafts for about 4 years now. It all started with felting from the wool of dogs of different breeds and sizes, but I soon got tired of the wool. Then I started to do plastic surgery. I really wanted to do something unusual and beautiful. Since I love flowers, my choice fell on them.

At this stage of my life, I live in Prague, a city that is very inspiring for creativity. Hands and reach out to dazzle some miracles. People here don't follow fashion very much, but in terms of jewelry, the audience here is very diverse and interesting. Handmade and homemade products are in high esteem. Spring has come to us a long time ago, which prompted me to create brighter jewelry. I have already shown you my dragonflies-butterflies in the HandMade section. So, at first, just rings, earrings, bracelets with flowers appeared, then mini-bouquets and wreaths. I really love it when they give me free rein for imagination and ask me to do "just something to your taste" - that's when I disagree on something big and beautiful =)

Now, in addition to orders, I am engaged in the design of my site … So, no matter how much I struggled to create a logo for the site and the brand as a whole, I did not succeed (Unfortunately, I do not draw very well, somehow with more tangible materials from it worked out better for me). I asked the wonderful girl Asem, with whom fate recently brought us together, for help. Asemka is a very positive and sweet person, studying here to become a designer … in general, we found each other =) Bypassing all the other details, the logo now lives on my computer and waits in the wings (it turned out just amazing !!), but I’m up to yesterday I was thinking how to thank the savior. And I came up with this

All girls love sweets and delicate colors too, so I guessed right with the gift. I have already received a positive feedback from the newly-made hostess of the kit, which I am incredibly happy about).

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