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15 celebrities who changed their real names and keep it a secret
15 celebrities who changed their real names and keep it a secret

Gene Demetria, Mark Sinclair or domestic Alexandra Korchunova and Denis Dobrovolsky are famous actors and TV presenters who have won fame and success. But, however, under different names. A striking appearance and catchy names are the standard "set" for a star. However, for most celebrities, the names are just as professional as their looks.

For most of them, the pseudonym has become so familiar that they no longer do not perceive their real names and surnames, even changing them officially. However, fans agree that ordinary surnames make their idols familiar and understandable, and sometimes even touching and defenseless. Who knows, Vera Brezhnev and Ani Lorak would have won fame if they had remained Vera Galushko and Carolina Kuek? However, even if we agree that the ship will sail as you call it, each pseudonym has its own history and rationale.

1. Pavel Volya

Today the name of Pavel Volya is a real brand

Despite the fact that the resident of the Comedy Club personifies exactly Pavel and Volya in the best possible way, and in ordinary life he is called Pavel, and not someone else, in fact, the father of two children and husband Lyaysan Utyasheva is called Denis Dobrovolsky. Denis became Pavel a long time ago, he picked up this pseudonym for himself while still working on the radio. However, with his pseudonym Volya managed to light up even before the start of his career as a comedian, he hosted programs on MUZ-TV and played in KVN and was Volya everywhere, although from time to time he becomes Denis Dobrovolsky or Pavel with the same surname. And for a special intrigue, he sometimes ends his speeches with the words: "Denis Dobrovolsky was with you."

2. Mila Kunis

Mila, she is Milena

Ukrainian Milena Markovna Kunis did not change her name very much, rather reduced it. And even she has her own surname, her own. However, not everyone immediately recognizes the garna maiden in the Hollywood star. It is not surprising, because Milena studied the language for a long time in order not only to speak it fluently, but also not to have an accent. At the same time, the actress speaks fluent Russian and often comes to Russia, participates in domestic shows and does not hide her origin.

3. Reese Witherspoon

It was Reese, not Laura, who managed to become the most famous blonde

The main blonde in Hollywood and without a pseudonym had a quite sonorous name - Laura Jean, but at the very beginning of her acting career she took her mother's maiden name - Reese as a pseudonym. Despite the fact that the whole world knows the Oscar-winning actress as Reese Witherspoon, in the usual In life, she uses her real name, although only the closest ones call her that, for whom she is dear and close Laura.

4. Max Barskikh

In his pseudonym, he combined the name of his brother and the surname of his grandmother

This is one of the rare performers who openly talked about where the pseudonym came from and what caused them to call themselves differently. Nikolai Bortnik by birth, wanting to try himself on the professional stage, he came to the "Star Factory" already with a ready-made pseudonym, suggesting that this step will change his fate and it is necessary to start changes with a new name. borrowed for a pseudonym. And the grandmother's surname was Barskaya, the singer only slightly changed the ending and became Max Barsky.

5. Demi Moore

From the first husband got a sonorous surname

Demi Moore is definitely a much better name for a successful actress than Demetria Jean Guines. However, Demi Moore herself did not choose a pseudonym for herself, we can say that this is her real name.Demi is an abbreviated version of her full name, which is quite common.

She also got "Moore" quite officially, since she was married to the actor Freddie Moore. Nobody even remembers Freddie himself, but his surname came in handy and the producers dissuaded Demi from returning to her maiden name after the divorce. This is how Demi Moore appeared.

6. Paulina Andreeva

Not Katya anymore, but Paulina

In fact, Fyodor Bondarchuk's chosen one is called more simply - Katya. But the most sophisticated girl never liked a name that was too simple in her opinion. She became Paulina right after school, changing her name officially. Then she deleted all old friends from social networks so that no one would remind of Katya anymore.

However, after the actress became famous, former teachers said that in fact there was no Paulina, but Katya was. Although, no doubt, this original and sophisticated name suits the girl very much.

7. Jennifer Aniston

She just took her father's last name

Rachel from the beloved series "Friends" did not seek to take on a pseudonym, since her popularity was not a planned action, but rather came unexpectedly. Her real name is Jennifer Anastassakis. Too difficult for someone whose name will be mentioned in tabloids and television.

In addition, her father, John Aniston, had already managed to contribute to the popularization of the surname, so it was decided that Jenny would continue his business and take his surname as her stage name.

8. Anfisa Chekhova

I changed my name and surname simply because I liked the new ones more

Alexandra Korchunova, that was the name of the TV presenter at birth, was always distinguished by a wayward character, therefore no one was particularly surprised that she decided to get a passport under a new name, and not the one under which she grew up. She never liked being Sasha, but the bright and slightly old name Anfisa was to her liking. The surname "Chekhov" was worn by the host's grandmother, she seemed suitable to her, therefore the future star settled on her.

9. Vin Diesel

The nickname became fateful

Looking at the "Fast and the Furious" star, there is no doubt that his youth was active, and the number of friends and acquaintances just rolls over. Therefore, it is not surprising that his nickname, which was given during a stormy youth, is used as his stage name.

His real name is Mark Sinclair Vincent, he was called Vin for short. And as a nickname for the restless boy, friends often called him Diesel, hinting at his ebullient energy. And so Vin Diesel appeared, the energy of which brought him to a successful acting career.

10. Vlad Stashevsky

I changed my surname to a more euphonic one

The idol of the 90s, a romantic hero and just a talented singer, known as Vlad Stashevsky, grew up in an incomplete family. His father left the family early, and his mother returned her maiden name, at the same time transferring her son to her. So from Vlad Gronchak he became Vlad Tverdokhlebov.

At the dawn of his singing career, the producers rightly decided that the singer's surname could not be so harsh and came up with a more lyrical version of "Stashevsky" for him.

11. Abraham Russo

The singer's real name did not fit in any way with his image

As soon as a burning brunette with blue eyes appeared in one video with Christina Orbakaite, the domestic listeners of pop music literally went crazy. Who is this mysterious stranger with endless charisma and an interesting name? They began to find out where the roots of the man lead, the trail was eventually lost somewhere between Syria, France and Lebanon. Rousseau himself claimed to be a Turk. However, all the secret becomes clear and his real name, which sounds like Abraham Ipjyan, left no doubt - he has Armenian roots. The singer himself also confirmed that he is an Armenian, whose ancestors settled in Turkey.

12. Freddie Mercury

Turned my name into a legend

Lenanda's real name is Farrokh Bulsara. "Freddie" clung to him as a child, as he called himself, in response to name-calling because of his large teeth. "Mercury" appeared later and there are several versions of why he began to call himself that way.

The singer was fascinated by astrology and since he himself was born under the sign of Virgo, then his ruling planet is Mercury.In addition, according to the same astrology, the date of his birth falls exactly on the reign of this planet. Perhaps this is how he attracted success. Well, he did it. By the way, later Farrokh Bulsar was replaced by Freddie Mercury legally.

13. Egor Creed

I chose a pseudonym as a child

The singer's name is real, but his surname is Bulatkin. He invented the pseudonym Creed as a teenager, as it was fashionable at that time, as a nickname, a middle name on social networks. It didn't mean anything, he just likes the set of letters, their sound and spelling.

Since then, this nickname has stuck with him, but the singer does not plan to change his real name to a stage name, believing that in this way he preserves himself.

15. Jackie Chan

The case when the pseudonym chose its owner himself

The actor's life path was eventful, as well as his path to fame, few can boast of such enviable tenacity as Jackie Chan. He had many nicknames and names, but his real name is Chan Kong-san. It is clear that with such a complex name he could not gain world fame. But the nicknames and nicknames stuck to him. At first, my mother called him Pao Pao, which means cannonball, because he was born very large. Then, in the school of stuntmen, he was called Chen Yen Long, which means "fearless." Due to his small stature, he was often called "Jackie", which means "small", "small". This is how the first component of his pseudonym appeared.

15. Jasmine

Sarah's middle name also suits her

A native of Dagestan, Sara Manakhimova has a colorful oriental appearance, and therefore chose the appropriate pseudonym for herself. The first spouse, who actively supported her singing career, helped her in choosing. However, Jasmine-Sarah managed to try herself both in the modeling business and as a dancer in a musical.

By the way, if the name "Sara" means a woman of a noble family, a princess, then "Jasmine" is just a fragrant flower. Experienced producers consider a successful name to be fundamental for the career of a future star. The average "Vasya Pupkin" will never come off as the idol of millions, because these very millions have enough dullness in everyday life, and they expect something memorable and bright from the stars. The path to fame can be very thorny anyway, but the difficulties only temper, as many domestic and foreign stars believe..

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