Three missed roles: In which legendary films Ryazanova was supposed to play Alisa Freindlich
Three missed roles: In which legendary films Ryazanova was supposed to play Alisa Freindlich
An actress who could have played in three more legendary Ryazanov films

These roles became a real finest hour for other actresses and brought them nationwide popularity. Afox Freundlich and she herself does not occupy popularity, but she regretted these missed chances at one time - after all, in addition to "Office Romance", three more legendary works by Eldar Ryazanov could have happened in her filmography. Could you imagine her in these images?

Photo tests of Lyudmila Gurchenko, Svetlana Nemolyaeva and Alisa Freundlich for the role of Shurochka Azarova

The search for the main character of "The Hussar Ballad" lasted quite a long time: Lyudmila Gurchenko, Svetlana Nemolyaeva, Valentina Malyavina auditioned for this role. Alisa Freindlich looked most convincing of all in this image, and no one from the film crew had any doubts that she would play Shurochka Azarova. However, it seemed to Eldar Ryazanov that it was simply impossible to see a young hussar in her, and the viewer would not believe it: "". And "Hussar Ballad" became the finest hour for Larisa Golubkina.

Still from the film Hussar Ballad, 1962 In this role, viewers could see Alice Freundlich

Collaboration with Freundlich was considered decided, and the second time - when Ryazanov and Braginsky wrote the film story "Zigzag of Fortune", they expected in advance that the role of Alevtina, the collector of membership fees, would go to Alice Freundlich. This time, the director was happy with everything, but the actress was forced to refuse - she was expecting a child. And in this film, the audience saw Valentina Talyzina instead.

Evgeny Evstigneev and Valentina Talyzina in the film Zigzag of Fortune, 1968

Eldar Ryazanov's third attempt to work with the legendary artist also ended in failure. The play "Enjoy Your Bath!" Ryazanov and Braginsky were sent to the Lensovet Theater with the only condition: the main role should be played by the prima of the theater, the favorite of Leningrad theatergoers, Alisa Freindlich. According to the authors, her participation was a guarantee that the play would not look like a lightweight comedy on stage, and the image of Nadia Sheveleva would become more lyrical and deep. However, exactly what Ryazanov was so afraid of happened - the production of the play failed.

The role of Nadya Sheveleva was intended for Alisa Freindlich

In his book "Unsummed Results" the famous director said: "".

Theater and film actress Alisa Freindlich

Despite three setbacks, the director did not lose hope of getting one of the brightest and most talented actresses of the time into the cast of his film. And the fourth attempt ended in triumph: in "Office Romance" Alice Freundlich finally played the main role, and hardly anyone else could have done it better. Although in order for their cooperation to finally take place, Ryazanov had to go to Igor Vladimirov, the husband of the actress, artistic director of the Lensovet Theater, and ask him to let her go to the shooting.

Still from the movie Office Romance, 1977 Alisa Freundlich in Office Romance, 1977

Ryazanov was very grateful to the actress: "". Alisa Brunovna was also pleased with the work with the director: "".

An actress who could have played in three more legendary Ryazanov films Alisa Freundlich

Freundlich's creative destiny in the cinema was not as successful as in the theater, as the actress herself admitted: "".

Theater and film actress Alisa Freindlich

Nevertheless, he and Ryazanov met on the set one more time: What's left behind the scenes of "Cruel Romance".

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