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Secrets of the Urals: 22 photos of amazing places that preserve a centuries-old history
Secrets of the Urals: 22 photos of amazing places that preserve a centuries-old history
Secrets of the Urals

Experts say that there are more attractions in the Urals than in Paris. These are both memorable places and natural beauty. Lakes, rivers, caves, places associated with the history of the Stone Age and the history of the development of this region. And also in the Urals there are special places - mysterious and anomalous, with which many legends are associated.

1. Ancient drawings of the Ignatievskaya cave

The symbols on the walls of the cave were made almost fourteen thousand years ago

2. Mystery of the Ignatievka cave

It is believed that the silhouette of a man in the most remote place of the cave is a miraculous image of the Mother of God

3. Natural monument

Ignatieva Cave is a natural and cultural monument of world importance

4. Mount Shamanka

Meeting the sunrise at the top of Shamanka Mountain, where there is a stone spiral of 13 circles, symbolizing the passage of the chain of incarnations, is one of the traditions when visiting the mountain

5. Arkaim

A fortified settlement of the Bronze Age, which was recently discovered

6. The ancient Slavic city of Arkaim

They say he is 30 thousand years old, and Stonehenge is far from him, he is described in ancient books, oriented by the stars and built by the Arias

7. Group Dyatlov

The fateful hike of the Dyatlov group was dedicated to the 21st Congress of the CPSU, the plans were to ski the most difficult path of 350 km, which was supposed to take about 22 days

8. Mountain of the Nine Dead

Search excavations in the area of ​​the tragedy

9. Participants of the ski trip

The circumstances of their death are still unknown

10. Dyatlov pass

Memorial plaque to the memory of the dead skiers

11. Golden woman

Legendary idol, purported object of worship by the indigenous peoples of Northeast Europe / Northwest Siberia

12. Image of the Golden Mother

She was worshiped by the people of a large rich country, which was called the Great Perm, her sanctuary at the mouth of the Northern Dvina was guarded by six shamans

13. Map of Muscovy Sigismund Herberstein

The golden woman is also mentioned on old maps of Muscovy, stories about the Siberian idol were spread by travelers from the north

14. Ancient maps of Russia

The statue of the idol could have come to the Siberian land from the sacked Rome in 410 AD, or it could be a mysterious goddess from China, some scholars believe that the origin of the statue is "Christian"

15. Lake Itkul

The name may come from the ancient "ikkul" and means "sacred lake"

16. Shaitan-Stone

The main attraction of Lake Itkul, attracting numerous tourists

17. Stone of an evil spirit

Local tribes made sacrifices to their gods on the Shaitan Stone

18. Shores of a mysterious lake

According to the finds made on the shores, a special archaeological culture was identified, the Itkul tribes successfully mined and smelted metal, and traded with other tribes

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