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Sergei and Svetlana Bodrov: When love is longer than life
Sergei and Svetlana Bodrov: When love is longer than life
Sergey and Svetlana Bodrovy

His life was short and bright like a flash. He did a lot, but even more projects, plans, ideas will remain unfulfilled. Sergei Bodrov disappeared in the Karmadon Gorge along with the film crew of "Messenger" 15 years ago. Svetlana Bodrova all these years keeps the memory of him and does not even allow the thought of the appearance of another man in her life.

… The ideal woman - IZH - I met on July 27, 1997 …

Svetlana Bodrova

Svetlana Mikhailova first saw Sergei Bodrov during the editing of the next issue of Vzglyad, but the actor did not make an impression on the girl. She just got nervous that her colleagues were delaying the control room while she needed to mount Muzoboz.

Sergey Bodrov

The real acquaintance took place in 1997. Svetlana, one of the best employees of the TV company, was promised a vacation anywhere in the world. She chose Nice, but flew to Cuba, where Vzglyad journalists were supposed to work. The management of the TV company combined a working trip with Svetlana's rest. Naturally, Svetlana was upset and already at the stage of boarding the plane she was very unfriendly towards the "Vlazdovites" Sergei Kushnarev and Sergei Bodrov.

Sergey Kushnerev

Kushnarev turned out to be an extremely interesting interlocutor, Svetlana talked with him for a long time. During the flight, the pilots received a message about the death of Kushnarev's father; he flew to Moscow on the first flight.

Sergey and Svetlana Bodrov

His friend Sergei Bodrov remained in Cuba. In Hemingway's house, they suddenly began to talk. And then they talked all the time, infinitely simple. About him and her, about their hobbies and plans, about television and life. They could not stop talking at all. Later Bodrov will write to Svetlana: "You and I are like two twin brothers who were separated thirty years ago."

I keep thinking about how we will live …

Sergey and Svetlana Bodrovy

It was difficult for them to part, even for a short time. But as soon as they arrived from Havana, Sergey went on a long-planned fishing trip to the Don. There was no connection, Svetlana was desperately bored. And suddenly a very warm message from him came to her pager. It turned out that one of the comrades had left earlier, and Bodrov handed him a text that he should write to Sveta.

In general, each of their separation was the reason for long letters, telephone conversations and endless longing for each other. Sergei, very modest in everything that concerned himself, constantly boasted of his Svetlana, tried to introduce her to all his friends, tirelessly drawing everyone's attention to her beauty.

Two halves

The wedding of Sergei and Svetlana Bodrovs

Each of them had a very complex character. At first, there were misunderstandings and quarrels. But they could no longer part. And, as Svetlana did not convince herself that she would never have a family and children, she nevertheless became his wife. And in July 1997, their daughter Olenka was born.

Sergey and Svetlana Bodrovy

Sergei Kushnarev was Bodrov's best friend, and now he bore the proud title of a family friend, became the godfather of his daughter, and then the son of the Bodrovs. Two Sergei simply gushed with ideas, could discuss their new projects all night long, and at first Kushnarev was jealous of his friend for his young wife. But in fact, she turned out to be as addicted to nature as they themselves. Now she joined their gatherings at the dacha in Valentinovka, and soon she was already working with Kushnarev in the "Wait for me" program.

Sergey and Svetlana Bodrov

She was generally ready to support any initiative of her husband. And she never tired of being surprised at how talented and deep person her husband is. She liked everything he did.When he defended his thesis on "Architecture in Venetian painting of the Renaissance", she said: "I am proud of you, as my homeland, Seryoga!"

They could talk for hours and also, for hours, be silent, continuing a silent dialogue.

… He flew into my life, like a bird, and flew away

Sergei Bodrov takes his son from the hospital

On August 27, 2002, their son Alexander was born. Sergei took his wife from the hospital, they spent two weeks at home, and after that Bodrov took his family to the country. He went to North Ossetia to shoot his film "The Messenger". On September 19, 2002, he and Svetlana talked for a long time on the phone, and at parting he asked his wife to take care of the children.

Sergey Bodrov

On September 20, 2002, another episode of the film was filmed in the Karmadon Gorge. In the evening the glacier came down. Until now, 127 people are considered missing. Among them was Sergei Bodrov. She could not come to terms with the fact that he was no longer there. Svetlana flew to North Ossetia every Saturday, she herself took part in the search operation. Konstantin Ernst gave her invaluable help then. He, through his channels, ensured the arrival of equipment and the continuation of the search. Officially, they stopped looking for people only two years later, in 2004.

While searching for the film crew of Sergei Bodrov in the Karmadon Gorge

15 years have passed since his disappearance. She raises children, is proud of their successes, sees in them the continuation of her beloved. And he still misses. Contrary to all speculation and newspaper articles, she was never able to come to terms with the loss. Sergei Bodrov became her last man.

Until now, his film crew in the Karmadon Gorge remain a mystery.

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