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30 rare photographs of Soviet celebrities who enjoyed popular love
30 rare photographs of Soviet celebrities who enjoyed popular love
Celebrities in an informal setting

These people - actors, musicians, directors - enjoyed at one time truly nationwide love. It was enough for their name to appear on the billboard for a full house in the hall. Soviet men fell in love with them, and Soviet women dreamed of being like them. Many of these people are considered to be true masters today, and their creative work still arouses genuine interest.

1. Christina Orbakaite

On the set of Rolan Bykov's film "Scarecrow", 1983

2. Larisa Guzeeva

During the filming of the film "Cruel Romance" directed by Eldar Ryazanov, 1983

3. Alexander Abdulov

At a show at the Moscow State Circus with his daughter, 1982

4. Natalia Andreichenko

Rehearsal at Oleg Tabakov's studio theater, 1990

5. Alexander Belyavsky

Theater and film actor during a walk, 1996

6. Alexander Bashlachev

Representative of the Soviet underground, an icon for fans of Russian rock

7. Natalia Bondarchuk, Nikolay Burlyaev and their son Vanya

Acting family, 1985

8. Mikhail Borzykin and the TV group

Performance in the city of Angarsk, 1987

9. Georgy Burkov and Vasily Shukshin

Shooting of the film "They Fought for the Motherland", 1974

10. Marina Vladi

IV Moscow International Film Festival, 1965

11. Vladimir Kuzmin

Violin student at the music school, 1963

12. Rezo Gabriadze and Vladimir Etush

The chief director of the Tbilisi Puppet Theater talks with the artist of the Moscow Theater named after Vakhtangov, 1986

13. Yuri Lyubimov, Alexander Gradsky, Andrey Voznesensky

At the Pasternak Readings in the Central House of Writers, 1989

14. Nikolay Grinko, Sergey Yutkevich and Marina Vlady

Shooting of the film "A plot for a short story", 1968

15. Vladimir Vysotsky and Oleg Dal

Two people who personified the concept of "modern actor"

16.Alexander Demyanenko and Georgy Yumatov

Shooting of the feature film "Empty Flight" directed by Vladimir Vengerov, 1963

17. Alexander Kalyagin

On the set of the film "My Girlfriend", 1985

18. Leonid Kanevsky, Yuri Nikulin, Leonid Gaidai and Grigory Shpigel

During the filming of The Diamond Arm, 1968

19. Alexander Lenkov

Artist of the Moscow Academic Theater named after Mossovet, 1965

20. Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov

While playing football, 1964

21. Hedi Varadi, Maya Bulgakova, Vera Semere and Olesya Ivanova

At the Moscow Film Festival, 1961

22. Alexey Maresyev and Yuri Gagarin

Hero of the Soviet Union greets the first cosmonaut of the USSR, 1961

23. Bulat Okudzhava

In Leningrad, 1987

24. Lyubov Polishchuk with his son Alexei Makarov

Future actor

25. Yuri Shevchuk

Soloist of the rock group "DDT", 1992

26. Tatiana Samoilova

A miracle of Soviet cinema, the embodiment of femininity and sensuality, 1964

27. Academician Andrei Sakharov with his wife and grandchildren

Meeting with the family, 1987

28. Svetlana Svetlichnaya, Vladimir Marenkov, Raisa Markova and Tatiana Konyukhova

Rest during intermission, 1977

29. Leonid Kharitonov

Student photograph of a Soviet actor, 1954

30. Georgy Shengelay, Sofiko Chiaureli, Veriko Anjaparidze and Mikhail Chiaureli

Actress Sofiko Chiaureli with her husband and parents, 1973

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