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First love, the battle for success and other problems of growth: 12 films about how difficult it is to be young
First love, the battle for success and other problems of growth: 12 films about how difficult it is to be young

When adult life is tiring, and the soul requires change, then why not get distracted for a couple of hours and sit down to watch movies, plunge into interesting stories about school and high school, remembering the old days, regretting or rejoicing that they were a long time ago behind. So sit back as you have twelve exciting stories ahead of you, telling about the difficult life of adolescents and all the difficulties that they have to face every day. Who knows, suddenly, among all these films, someone will recognize himself, smile, or maybe even cry. In any case, one way or another, these seemingly banal films from Netflix make you think about many things and look at what is happening and the world from a different perspective….

1. Alex Strangelove (2018)

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This cute, comedic and sometimes very romantic film tells the story of a boy named Alex Trullove who will soon graduate from high school. He is the president of his class, a good and diligent student that everyone else looks up to. And he certainly has a pretty girlfriend with whom he spends most of his time. However, his measured and, as it seemed to him, quite correct life changes when he meets Elliot - a boy, which gives him the opportunity to realize and accept his sexual orientation.

2. Exciting time (2013)

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The film tells a touching story about the difficulties of adolescence, about a dysfunctional family, about the difficulties in the fight against alcoholism, first falling in love and sexual desire, as well as, of course, about problems with parents. It is also worth noting that the charming actress Shailene Woodley is filmed in this film. And it is simply impossible not to fall in love with her character and not see yourself in him, experiencing with her the difficulties of caring for a sick mother and realizing your desires and aspirations to get into a good college.

3. Perfect date (2019)

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Brooks Rettigen is a guy desperate to get into the university of his dreams, namely Yell. However, as often happens, he is sorely lacking funds. To change this, he creates a very original application where any of the local girls can "rent" him as a gentleman for an evening or even a night for a certain amount. And, as happens with teenagers, at some point Brooks begins to feel something vague about a girl named Celia Lieberman, and his life becomes even more complicated.

4. To the Bones (2017)

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Actress Lily Collins this time appears in the role of a gloomy and impudent girl named Ellen, who, at the age of twenty, clashed in a battle against her own body, namely, against anorexia. Soon, Ellen is placed in a special institution for people with eating disorders, where she quickly learns something interesting about herself, and will do her best to fight for her life and health with the help of the unusual methods of her attending physician.

5. Crumpet (2018)

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A pleasant, funny and very positive film that proves how important it is to love yourself and your body. A girl named Willowdeen "Plump" Dixon shows that modern beauty standards don't matter when she becomes part of a beauty pageant. Dreaming of getting the heart of a guy she liked and calming her complexes, the girl faces a difficult test: to win a competition in which her ideal friend Ellen participates.

6.Deadly Attraction (1988 and 2018)

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Closely intertwined with drama, comedy and detective, this original film follows several young girls who are living their story-filled college lives. The original film, which was released before the early 2000s, flopped at the box office, but became a real classic that is definitely worth watching. However, like the film released in 2018, which is a rethinking of a dramatic story, craving for love with a pinch of evil.

A scene from the movie Deadly Attraction (2018). \ Photo:

7. Bring It On: Win Everything (2007)

Still from the movie Bring It On: Everything for Victory. \ Photo:

The story of cheerleaders makes us all really nostalgic for our school days. It describes the history of the largest cheerleading competition, which forces you to unite as a team and act for the benefit of common interests. However, the film will tell you what happens when, as a result of injuries of the main participants, two warring teams are forced to unite in order to snatch the desired victory for themselves.

8. Damn handsome (2016)

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This motion picture was released in Ireland and tells not only about the difficult life of young guys, but also the importance of self-acceptance. In the center of the plot is a guy named Ned, whom everyone considers an outsider, studying at an elite boarding school with a focus on sports and rugby. At some point, a guy named Conor becomes Ned's roommate - a local handsome man, with whom he first makes such an unreal friendship, and then something more.

9. Dylda (2019)

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A girl named Jody has always faced ridicule and ill-treatment. Having a pretty face and an excellent reputation at school, she, in general, is persecuted by other children that do not accept her into the team. And it's all about her.. growth. Jody is the tallest girl in school, who at some point gets tired of fighting eternal reproaches and decides to gain confidence in herself and in her abilities.

10. Scott Pilgrim vs. All (2010)

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A guy named Scott falls in love with a very unusual, cocky and explosive girl named Ramona, who has not the happiest relationship experience and a large number of ex-boyfriends behind her shoulders. And, like the levels in a computer game, Scott, in order to win the heart of a beautiful lady, must defeat all her exes, using logic, handy tools and even martial arts, not forgetting to season it all with teenage humor.

11. Finding Seoul (2016)

Film in Search of Seoul. \ Photo:

It's 1986. The Korean government decided to organize a kind of summer camp for all foreign teenagers who have Korean roots. During this little journey, they should become more familiar with their history. However, a few boys, including a German, a Mexican and an American, are not interested in history, but the bright girls in the neighborhood are very even. This tape will show you how easy it is to win your friends and enemies by going only to summer camp on vacation.

12. On the same wavelength (2017)

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This tape will help you understand that we can never be sure of those we meet on our way. So it happened with a guy named Tyler, who, due to a stupid accident, broke up with his girlfriend Ellie. In an attempt to drown out the feeling of emptiness and loneliness, he goes all out, living for some time with a girl named Holly. However, when such a short holiday romance ends and Tyler returns to his beloved, Holly begins to pursue him, dreaming of revenge on the one who played with her feelings.

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