Self-portraits from a mental hospital: shocking photos of a girl who survived after a suicide attempt
Self-portraits from a mental hospital: shocking photos of a girl who survived after a suicide attempt
Self-portraits by Laura Hospes

Despair and pain, loneliness and hopelessness. In their youth, many are prone to maximalism, self-centeredness and even suicidal thoughts. Filled with romance, the picture of your own lifeless body attracts and frightens at the same time. However, what happens to those who still dare to swallow a handful of sleeping pills at a time? "I was 20, and one morning I said goodbye to my cat and fell asleep, as it seemed to me, forever …" - this is how the girl who had to go through terrible torments before falling in love with life began her confession.

Self-portraits from the mental hospital

Laura Hospes is an ordinary girl who has had a difficult test. Playing with death itself, she managed to lose and, as a reward, survived. It would seem absurd, but she really did everything to interrupt her existence, and in return she received a ticket to well-being. As a teenager, Laura suffered from eating disorders and from time to time even had to undergo intensive care courses. Because of this, I did not always attend school, I felt myself the most unhappy, not like everyone else.

Self-portraits of a girl who wanted to commit suicide

In parallel with the treatment of gastric disease, I also underwent psychotherapy courses. However, as it turned out, they did not help. To "stop the war in her head" the girl decided on a desperate step - suicide.

Fear, horror, pain Self-portrait as a way to overcome pain

Fortunately, she did not manage to fall asleep forever. Laura woke up a day later in the psychiatric ward. In the "past" life, the girl had a habit: whenever she felt melancholy, she took a self-portrait. Since there was no camera at hand in the hospital, she used her mobile phone. The next day she asked the young man to bring her camera. And henceforth she took pictures of herself every time it became unbearably bad.

Self-portraits by Laura Hospes Self-portraits by Laura Hospes

"I hope that my project" UCP-UMCG "(the name is an abbreviation of psychiatry, where Laura was a patient) will support many people, especially those who need to understand that they are not alone. I also want to dispel the illusions of those who are not knows what lurks behind the walls of mental hospitals. Let them see the pain and fear that grips each patient. The people who get there are not crazy, but they feel like they are going crazy. And this is the worst feeling I've ever had. or survive ", - said Laura Hospes about her photo cycle.

Self-portraits by Laura Hospes

Laura's photographs tell about what happens to a person who finds himself among people with mental disabilities. But the documentary series of photographs "Baggage from a mental hospital" can tell about the inner world of the mentally ill.a series of photographs "Baggage from a mental hospital".

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