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Why Irish Grass Has 40 Shades Of Green: Exposing The Most Popular Stereotypes About Ireland
Why Irish Grass Has 40 Shades Of Green: Exposing The Most Popular Stereotypes About Ireland
Jerry Gilroy debunks the most popular stereotypes about Ireland

Redheads in Ireland only 12% of the population, and the favorite drink of the Irish is not whiskey at all, but … tea. Today we are debunking stereotypes about Ayr, this is how the locals historically call their country.

Especially for the readers of we interviewed the real Irishman Gerry Gilroy. Jerry lives in Carrick-on-Shannon, County Leitrim, which is one of the favorite destinations for travelers to Ireland.

Carrick-on-Shannon. County Leitrim, Ireland

The population of Carrick-on-Shannon is about 6 thousand people, most of the locals are employed in the tourism business. By the way, according to statistics, Ireland has a very low unemployment rate - only 7% of the population. But this is natural: the country is attractive for investments, in particular, in Dublin there are offices of such world famous giants as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Ebay and Paypal.

On one of the streets of Carrick-on-Shannon

Jerry himself is fond of history and historical reconstruction, is a professional diving, runs his own diving club. Jerry has a wife, two grown sons and a magnificent St. Bernard.

Old Bridge and Embankment at Carrick-on-Shannon. \ Photo: @gerryfaughnan

As it turned out, the inhabitants of the post-Soviet space associate Ireland, first of all, with traditional music, dancing and the holiday - St. Patrick's Day. Our expert talked about where we are wrong, but also noted that many of our beliefs are not far from the truth.

1. About redheads

Redheads in Ireland are about 12%

Jerry denied the stereotype that everyone in Ireland is completely red, noting that about 12% of the country's population has this hair color.

2. About musical traditions

Young musicians on Dramshanbo street. \ Photo: @gerryfaughnan

The belief of our readers that the Irish necessarily dance the jig at parties and play the bagpipes also turned out to be false:.

Irish pubs are never boring! \ Photo: @gerryfaughnan

Recall that among the world famous rock bands a special place is occupied by the Irish My Bloody Valentine, U2, Thin Lizzy and The Cranberries. Michael Flatley and Gary Moore are also Irish. And Michael Flatley's dance performances are admired by the whole world.

3. About Saint Patrick

St. Patrick's Day in Carrick-on-Shannon. March 17, 2017 \ Photo: @gerryfaughnan

St. Patrick's Day is revered by the Irish, but you should not think that young people (and not only) are limited to festive events.

St. Patrick's Day in Carrick-on-Shannon. March 17, 2017 \ Photo: @gerryfaughnan St. Patrick's Day in Carrick-on-Shannon. March 17, 2017 \ Photo: @gerryfaughnan

In Irish schools, special attention is paid to the study of the history of the country. Therefore, every Irishman will proudly tell the biography of St. Patrick.

4. About girls

Finalists of the Miss Ireland 2016 contest

The stereotype that Irish girls use a lot of makeup, according to Jerry, is false.

Bridesmaids at a church wedding in Dramsna

He believes that women in this country are beautiful by nature, so they do not need a bright make-up.

5. About drinks

Made in Ireland

Whiskey in Ireland is produced mainly for export, in the country tea is considered the favorite drink. There is no “female” beer, which our readers asked about, in Ireland either, there are special beer mugs for women.

Traditional rest after a working week. \ Photo: @gerryfaughnan

By the way, the Irish spend their time in pubs on Friday and Saturday after work, and not every evening, as many think.

6. About the weather

Irish pastoral. \ Photo: @gerryfaughnan

The stereotype that the weather is always bad in Ireland is not entirely true. This country has all four seasons, sunny summer and winter.

On the Irish coast. \ Photo: @gerryfaughnan

By the way, the grass really remains green all year round, despite the frost, and the Irish claim that its color palette is 40 shades of green!

7. About gnomes and elves

We did not meet elves, but we saw their hats

"Oh yeah! Jerry laughs. - If you sit longer in the pub, leprechauns and elves in Irdandy can really be seen. If you succeeded, be sure to make three wishes! ".

8. About locks

From time immemorial. \ Photo:

There are really many castles in Ireland and every traveler will find one that will be closer to him.

Here you feel the breath of time. \ Photo: In Ireland, you can still live in a castle today. \ Photo:

Castles on this land were built by Celts, Vikings, Germans, Normans and Romans.

9. About stray animals

How can you not love them!

Jerry assured us that there really are no stray animals in his country, since the Irish take care of all living things.

10. About milk

Cows graze outside the church, built in 1750. \ Photo: @gerryfaughnan … and by the ocean. \ Photo: @gerryfaughnan

The Irish really pride themselves on producing the tastiest milk, because the climate gives their cows wholesome nutrition.

Mrs Ella Gannon of Dramsna and her granddaughter Emily make homemade butter. \ Photo: @gerryfaughnan

The country is the leader in the production of powdered baby milk in the world market.

11. About sweaters

The famous Aran sweater

Arana sweater is considered one of the symbols of Ireland all over the world, but in the country itself, almost no one wears such things. These sweaters are readily purchased by American tourists.

12. About drivers

A man, his horses and his dog. Somewhere in Mojilla. \ Photo: @gerryfaughnan

Most drivers in Ireland are really polite and careful, there are many one-way roads and a speed limit of 80 km / h.

Autobahn in Ireland

However, in 1990, roads for motorcyclists appeared, on which the speed of movement is allowed up to 120 km / h.

13. About snakes and forests

Forest in the west of Ireland

There are many forests in Ireland, and the most real ones! But there really are no snakes in them thanks to Saint Patrick;).

Spring is in Leitrim and daffodils are already in bloom! \ Photo: @gerryfaughnan An idealistic Irish landscape.\ Photo: @gerryfaughnan

If it seems to someone that Ireland is not far enough, not warm enough and exotic, welcome to South America. In one of our reviews, we exposed popular myths about Brazil.

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