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The August putsch: chronicles of a coup d'état and an unconstitutional takeover of power in 1991
The August putsch: chronicles of a coup d'état and an unconstitutional takeover of power in 1991
The defenders of the White House attack the soldier. August 19, 1991

On August 19, 1991, the August putsch began, the purpose of which was to prevent the collapse of the USSR. The next day, it was planned to sign an agreement on the creation of the Union of Soviet Sovereign Republics. But a force appeared that opposed this, and the result of the coup was an accelerated process of the country's disintegration. In our review there are photographs of those days.

1. Demand to secede from the USSR

Lithuanians during a demonstration in the center of Vilnius demand secession from the Soviet Union. January 10, 1990

2. Huge queues in almost empty stores

People buy dishes in Vilnius shops. April 27, 1990

3. Riding a discarded statue

A young girl sits on a dropped statue of Lenin in Vilnius

4. The last day of the existence of the USSR

The evening of the last day, when the Soviet flag flies over the Kremlin on Red Square in Moscow

5. Moscow family in front of the TV

A Moscow family listens to a speech on Soviet television by Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev. December 25, 1991

6. At a concert of foreign artists

Western rock fans gathered at the Moscow Stadium. September 28, 1991

7. Gorbachev's press conference

Press conference by President Mikhail Gorbachev immediately after his return from Pharos

8.The President of Russia in an armored car

Russian President Boris Yeltsin stands in an armored car in the parking lot in front of the White House. August 19, 1991

9. USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev

USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev communicates with residents of Vilnius. Lithuania, January 11, 1990

10. While patrolling Red Square

Patrolling the deserted Red Square. March 27, 1991

11. Supporters of the President of Russia

Supporters of Russian President Boris Yeltsin are rolling a large metal pipe to use on the barricades outside the White House. August 19, 1991

12. Blocking tanks

A crowd blocks the passage of Soviet tanks on a road near Ganja, formerly Kirovabad, in Azerbaijan. January 22, 1990

13. Crowds of people block the way

A crowd gathers around an APC and tries to block it near Red Square in central Moscow. August 19, 1991

14. Celebrations after the failure of the coup

Celebrations in Moscow after the failed coup attempt. In August 1991

15. KGB employee handing over weapons

A KGB employee who wished to remain anonymous surrenders his weapon to a Lithuanian official before leaving the KGB headquarters in Vilnius

16. Yeltsin speaking on the podium

Boris Yeltsin raises his fist in greeting to his assembled supporters in Moscow. August 19, 1991

17. Funeral of the victims of the coup

Funeral procession for the victims of the coup in front of the White House in Moscow. August 24, 1991

18. Classified document

Cipher telegrams. August 19, 1991

19. Opening of the session of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR

An extraordinary session of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR has opened in Moscow. August 21, 1991

20. Popular unrest

August 21, 1991, 5 p.m. A rally in defense of glasnost, organized by the Union of Journalists of the USSR

21. Road barricades

Barricades near the White House

22. Running in front of a moving tank

A Lithuanian demonstrator and a Russian tank during an attack on a radio TV station in Vilnius. January 13, 1991

23. Insurgents Sleeping with Weapons

Armed Lithuanian insurgents in Vilnius. Lithuania, 23 January 1991

24. Voting for the withdrawal of Ukraine from the USSR

Ukrainian citizens vote in a referendum to secede from the Soviet Union at the Ukrainian embassy in Moscow. December 1, 1991

25. Removing the barricades near the White House

A group of Boris Yeltsin's supporters are dismantling one of the barricades around the White House. August 25, 1991

26. Inspection of confiscated weapons

Soviet paratroopers inspect weapons confiscated from a local police organization in Kaunas. Lithuania, 26 March 1990

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