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15 star couples who shone on the cinema screens and in the theater during the Soviet era (Part 1)
15 star couples who shone on the cinema screens and in the theater during the Soviet era (Part 1)
Stellar marriages of Soviet celebrities

All the citizens of the big Soviet country knew these people by sight. It was almost impossible to buy tickets for films and performances with their participation, and their personal life was covered with secrets and legends. In our review there are 15 photographs of the most stellar couples in the Soviet Union.

1. Nonna Mordyukova and Vyacheslav Tikhonov

Two legendary personalities of Soviet cinema have lived together for 13 years. Their passionate love and marital union surprised many - the spouses were very different in temperament

2. Oleg Dal and Tatiana Lavrova

After a divorce from Urbansky, Tatyana Lavrova tried to start a family with Oleg Dal, but their life together lasted only six months

3. Irina Kupchenko and Vasily Lanovoy

After the death of his second wife, Lanovoy married Irina Kupchenko. They have two sons - Alexander and Sergey - whom the spouses named after Pushkin and Yesenin

4. The most famous wives of Vladimir Soshalsky are Olga Aroseva, Alina Pokrovskaya, Nelly Podgornaya, Nonna Mordyukova

Soshalsky was officially married 7 times. An amazing man until the end of his life managed to remain a close person for all of them

5. Three wives of Vladimir Basova - Rosa Makagonova, Natalya Fateeva, Valentina Titova

Pleiad of the most beautiful actresses of Russian cinema

6. Archil Gomiashvili and Tatiana Okunevskaya

The star couple went to the registry office, they got married in Georgia. But even holiness did not save their marriage from disintegration

7. Anastasia Vertinskaya and Alexander Gradsky

The marriage of the singer and actress lasted only two years, although the couple officially divorced four years after the wedding

8.Oleg and Marianna Strizhenov

Arthur and Gemma in Alexander Feintsimmer's The Gadfly, 1955

9. Anastasia Vertinskaya and Nikita Mikhalkov

Their marriage was the most beautiful, the most family-theatrical and illustrative in the entire Soviet Union

10. Lydia Knyazeva and Rolan Bykov in the musical comedy "Aibolit-66"

Bykov's marriage with the actress Knyazeva, who played the monkey Chi-Chi in Aibolit-66, had disintegrated for several years by this time

11. Rolan Bykov and Elena Sanaeva

Shortly before his departure, Roland said to his wife: “My God, are we really married with you for 25 years? I didn't have time to talk to you! "

12. Arkady Arkanov and Maya Kristalinskaya

The marriage of Kristalinskaya with Arkanov did not last long - less than a year

13. Nikolay Burlyaev and Natalya Varley

Varley broke up with actor Nikolai Burlyaev after three years of marriage

14. Natalia Varley and Vladimir Tikhonov

The marriage only lasted a couple of months

15. Natalia Bondarchuk and Nikolay Burlyaev

Family life was marked by the birth of two wonderful children - son Ivan and daughter Maria. This union lasted 17 years

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