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Squirrel-style "Game of Thrones": 15 hilarious photos with funny animals in the lead roles
Squirrel-style "Game of Thrones": 15 hilarious photos with funny animals in the lead roles
An alternate version of Game of Thrones

The film "Game of Thrones" inspired the photographer Jeert Weggen so much that he decided to create a photoset with squirrels as the main characters. The peculiarity of these photos is that their author does not use Photoshop. “For me photography is magic, surprise and happiness. Sometimes I add some details to the photo, for example, food, sometimes I add two photos, but I never use Photoshop,”says Weggen. His work has been published in 40 editions in 60 countries around the world.

1. "Archery: Hone Technique"

To release an arrow, a brave warrior will no longer need long hesitation and hesitant movements, and the arrows will shoot right on target!

2. "Stormborn Queen"

The majestic and formidable Lady of the Dragons, possessing unsurpassed beauty and grace

3. "Riding a Dragon"

The brave squirrel perfectly coped with the role of Daenerys Targaryen, who saddled a mighty fire-breathing dragon

4. "King of the Night"

In this photo, a talented squirrel tries himself in the role of Bran Stark, who has moved into the past and is watching the powerful leader of the White Walkers

5. "Coming home"

The noble squirrel secretly arrives at the ancestral castle on a horse-drawn carriage

6. "Feeding a young dragon"

The artist created part of the scenery for this series of photographs with his own hands, and some were bought in toy stores

7. "The Might of the Iron Fleet"

The lifestyle of one of the most powerful fleets in Westeros, operating on a permanent basis, is based on piracy

8. "Attack of the Dragon"

A funny and cheerful squirrel willingly poses for photographer Geert Weggen

9. "Battle for the ancestral castle"

You, too, would be enthusiastic to defend your castle, which contains a stock of precious nuts!

10. "Duel with the White Walker"

The battle of professional fighters is like a difficult and deadly dance

11. "The enemy is defeated"

After a grueling reenactment of the battle, you just need to eat delicious nuts!

12. "Siege of the castle"

This is what happens when someone gets more nuts for taking part in a photo shoot …

13. "Demonstration of Dragon Riding Skills"

Anyone is not invited to the main roles, so you have to learn new skills

14. "The Secret of the Dragon Egg"

Like the famous Daenerys Targaryen, the squirrel strives to find out what is inside?

15. "Arrival at Winterfell Castle"

Incredibly talented squirrels have proven that they can play any role from the American fantasy drama series Game of Thrones

Especially for those who, after this photo session, became imbued with love for squirrels, we decided to show what life looks like with a handmade squirrel.

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