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7 daughters of Russian celebrities who had relationships with foreigners
7 daughters of Russian celebrities who had relationships with foreigners

Many heirs and heirs of famous Russian personalities have already grown up, and fans of the stars and the media do not leave their personal lives unattended. Children have reached the very age when the first romantic relationships appear in their lives, which sometimes seem to be the only ones for life. Their chosen ones often turn out to be citizens of foreign states, however, is it so important if the feelings are real?

Elizaveta Peskova

Elizaveta Peskova and Louis Waldberg

The daughter of Dmitry Peskov is known for her very provocative posts on social networks. For quite some time she met with the French entrepreneur Louis Waldberg. True, a year later, she deleted all the pictures with her lover from her Instagram page, and the engagement, which was planned for the summer of 2018, never took place. It is believed that the reason for the gap was Louis' failed attempt to promote the Tazer Lighter business in Russia, owned by relatives of the Frenchman.

Erica, adopted daughter of Ivan Urgant

Erica and Musa

The daughter of the wife of a famous showman lives in the USA, where she studies at the School of Design at the Faculty of Contemporary Art and Photography. On her page on the social network, she often publishes photos with her beloved Musa. The girl is not ashamed of the dark skin color of her young man, and to those who criticize her choice, she answers: she is not obliged to report to anyone and explain her choice. Apparently, the relationship between young people is quite serious.

Sonya Kiperman

Sonya Kiperman and Hawke Krubert

The daughter of Vera Brezhneva is also studying in the USA, and Sonya met her young man Hawk Krubert while vacationing at an international camp. For almost a year, young people kept in touch, and after the singer's daughter arrived in America, they began to publish joint photos on blogs. Vera Brezhneva is very supportive of Sonya's chosen one and did not mind when the young man joined their family vacation in Italy with her daughter.

Alexandra Krutaya

Alexandra Cool with her dad

The youngest daughter of the composer, as you know, lives with her mother in the United States. She has a very independent disposition, so she tries not to pay attention to the negative attitude of her father towards her young man. It was he who became the reason for the disagreements between "daddy's daughter" and Igor Krutoy, and, as the composer himself thinks, because of him, Alexandra stopped devoting enough time to her studies. The father even specially flew to the United States to talk with his daughter's American lover and take from him a promise not to distract his daughter from her studies, but to help her.

Viola Syutkina

Viola Syutkina and Thor

Valery Syutkin's daughter met her lover on the Internet. A German guy named Thor wrote a very delicate message to the girl, in which he asked Viola to meet. Their first date took place in the company of friends, young people were able to communicate and understand that they like each other. Viola and Thor met, and then began to rent an apartment in Paris together. The singer's daughter affectionately calls her beloved "Torushka" and admits that she is very happy with him.

Elizabeth Varum

Elizabeth Varum and Kyle Fink

The daughter of Angelica Varum and Leonid Agutin has been living in the USA for many years, where she is trying to build a musical career. For several years, Elizabeth met with musician Marc Angelo, who liked not only her, but also her parents.At some point, the girl decided to part with the young man. And in the spring of 2020, she had a new lover, a member of the Palomino Blond group Kyle Fink. They are connected by common creative plans and similar views on life.

Sofia Evdokimenko

Sofia Evdokimenko and Mark Dyumenil

The granddaughter of the famous singer Sofia Rotaru lives in London and meets with Mark Dumenil, an aspiring businessman. He was born and lived for a long time in Canada, now he has moved to France.

All these young beauties were lucky at the moment of birth: they chose successful and famous parents for themselves. As babies, they delighted and charmed loved ones, but now they have grown up and are ready to save the world by the power of their own beauty. Time will tell whether the daughters will manage to surpass their relatives not only in appearance, but also in talent.

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