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15 grandchildren of famous Soviet actors who followed in the footsteps of their grandparents
15 grandchildren of famous Soviet actors who followed in the footsteps of their grandparents

Very often, children who grew up in an acting environment do not imagine themselves outside of theater and cinema. However, the grandchildren of artists often choose this difficult profession for themselves. The grandchildren of famous actors are often deprived of grandparents in the usual sense of the word: no pies on weekends and readings of bedtime stories. But at the same time, they have the opportunity to learn from real masters of their craft. In our review - the grandchildren of famous Soviet actors and actresses who are now acting in films and entering the theater stage.

Nikita Vladimirov, grandson of Alisa Freundlich and Igor Vladimirov

Nikita Vladimirov and Alisa Freindlich

Nikita Vladimirov in his interviews often admits that of the whole family he feels the strongest connection with his famous grandmother. Nevertheless, having tried himself in the role of an actor, Nikita decided to continue the work of his grandfather. He transferred from the acting department of the Moscow Art Theater School to the production department and even made the film "Frostbite Carp", in which his grandmother starred.

Anastasia Smoktunovskaya, granddaughter of Innokenty Smoktunovsky

Anastasia and Innokenty Smoktunovskiy

Despite the fact that the father of the actress, Philip Smoktunovsky, having tried himself in the acting profession, retrained as a translator, Anastasia became a worthy successor of the dynasty. She serves in the theater of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and acts in films. The relatives of Anastasia Smoktunovskaya believe that the grandfather could be proud of his talented granddaughter.

Ivan and Elizaveta Yankovsky, grandchildren of Oleg Yankovsky and Lyudmila Zorina

Ivan, Oleg and Elizaveta Yankovsky

The grandson and granddaughter of the famous actor Oleg Yankovsky did not even imagine that you could get another profession. They grew up in a creative atmosphere, they could watch the theatrical rehearsals and the filming process from the inside. Ivan first appeared in films at the age of ten, graduated from the International School and GITIS, and serves in the Studio of Theater Arts. Elizaveta also studied at the film school, after at the Moscow Art Theater School, from which she left for the RATI. She acts in films, participates in theatrical performances as a guest actress.

Daria Poverennova, granddaughter of Sergei Lukyanov

Daria Poverennova and Sergey Lukyanov

The successful Russian actress Daria Poverennova is the granddaughter of Sergei Lukyanov, who served at the Moscow Art Theater and the Vakhtangov Theater. Daria Vladimirovna graduated from the Shchukin School, serves in the Mayakovsky Theater, actively starred in feature films and TV series.

Polina Vitorgan, granddaughter of Emmanuel Vitorgan and Alla Balter

Polina and Emmanuel Vitorgan

Polina became a worthy successor of the acting dynasty. She made her film debut while still a freshman at GITIS. And during the holidays she studied at the Academy of Cinema in the United States. Now the young actress continues to study at the institute, actively learns the basics of the profession, but does not refuse interesting proposals for filming.

Andrey Udalov, grandson of Andrey Mironov and Ekaterina Gradova

Andrey Udalov and Andrey Mironov

Andrei Udalov was born five years after the death of his famous grandfather. Grandmother, Ekaterina Gradova, helped her daughter raise her grandson. After leaving school, Andrei entered the University of Management, but at the end of the first year he decided to get the profession of an actor. He graduated from the Shchukin School and today serves in the Vakhtangov Theater, acts in films.

Konstantin Kryukov, grandson of Sergei Bondarchuk and Irina Skobtseva

Konstantin Kryukov and Sergey Bondarchuk

On account of Konstantin Kryukov, more than 60 works in cinema, but initially the young man did not even think about the acting profession. He was fond of painting since childhood, and after school he received a diploma from the American Institute of Gemology, becoming a specialist in precious stones. In 2006 he graduated from the Law Academy, and got into the cinema thanks to his uncle Fyodor Bondarchuk, who offered him a role in the film "9th Company".

Nikita and Nikolai Efremov, grandchildren of Oleg Efremov and Alla Pokrovskaya

Oleg Efremov's grandchildren

The eldest son of Mikhail Efremov, Nikita, after graduating from the Moscow Art Theater School, was accepted into the troupe of the Sovremennik Theater. On account of the hereditary actor more than 30 works in cinema, he plays the main roles in the theater and is the owner of the theatrical prize "Golden Leaf - 2009" for the best actor, which he received, playing Chatsky in "Woe from Wit".

Nikolai Efremov, the son of Mikhail Efremov and Evgenia Dobrovolskaya, graduated from the acting department of GITIS. Nikolai has been acting in films since his school years, but real popularity came to him after working in the fantasy film "The Book of Masters".

Maria Kozakova, granddaughter of Mikhail Kozakov, granddaughter of Yuri Yakovlev

Yuri Yakovlev, Maria Kozakova, Mikhail Kozakov

The daughter of Alena Yakovleva and Kirill Kozakov has acted in films since childhood, so the question of choosing a profession was not for her. Since graduating from the Shchukin Institute in 2013, Maria Koazakova has been serving at the Satire Theater. Since 2001, the actress has starred in 20 films. The actress talked more with her maternal grandfather, Yuri Yakovlev, and met Mikhail Kozakov when she was already 14 years old.

Maria Budrina, granddaughter of Svetlana Toma

Svetlana Toma, Miriya Budrina, Irina Lachina

The daughter of actors Irina Lachina and Oleg Budrin and the granddaughter of the wonderful actress Svetlana Toma first appeared on the screen at the age of nine in the TV series "Maroseyka, 12", studied at VGIK at the acting department, studied directing at GITR. She actively acts in films, one of the most famous works of the actress is the role of Masha in the film "Crew" in 2016.

Sofia Evstigneeva, granddaughter of Evgeny Evstigneeva

Sophia and Evgeny Evstigneev

Sofya Evstigneeva did not have a chance to communicate with her famous grandfather, she was born three years after Evgeny Evstigneev's departure from life. After graduating from the Moscow Art Theater School, Sophia was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov. But even earlier, the young actress appeared on the stage at Sovremennik, where she and her mother played in the play Anarchy.

Egor Beroev grandson of Vadim Beroev

Egor and Vadim Beroev

The grandson of the actor who played the legendary Major "Whirlwind" has been on the stage since childhood. After leaving school, he entered the Schepkinskoye School. Yegor Beroev made his film debut in his first year of college, then he starred a lot. Recognition came to the actor after working in the film "Turkish Gambit". From the moment he graduated from the school, he served at the Moscow Art Theater. A.P. Chekhov.

Polina Lazareva, granddaughter of Svetlana Nemolyaeva and Alexander Lazarev

Polina Lazareva, Svetlana Nemolyaeva and Alexander Lazarev

Polina Lazareva graduated from the acting department of GITIS in 2010 and from that time she was accepted into service at the Mayakovsky Theater. Now she plays on the same stage with her famous grandmother Svetlana Nemolyaeva. According to the son of Svetlana Nemolyaeva, Alexander Lazarev Jr., it was my mother who managed to infect all family members with love for the theater.

It is quite difficult for children of celebrities to gain recognition in the field where their parents have already achieved success. In this case, the surname plays against them, because you can often hear that an actor or actress has achieved success only thanks to star relatives. However, there are no barriers for real talent, which is confirmed by representatives of the most numerous Russian dynasties in cinema, theater and on stage.

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