Heroes of "The Adventures of Petrov and Vasechkin" 35 years later: Who were the idols of Soviet schoolchildren
Heroes of "The Adventures of Petrov and Vasechkin" 35 years later: Who were the idols of Soviet schoolchildren
The main characters of the film The Adventures of Petrov and Vasechkin

In 1983, the film "The Adventures of Petrov and Vasechkin, Ordinary and Unbelievable" was shot, and in 1984 its sequel, "The Vacations of Petrov and Vasechkin", was released. The whole Union knew the main characters, and all the boys were in love with Masha Startseva. 35 years have passed since then, most of Petrov's and Vasechkin's classmates did not become actors, and the fate of some even ended tragically. Where are the idols of our childhood now and what they are doing today - further in the review.

The main characters of the film The Adventures of Petrov and Vasechkin

The main characters of the film to this day remain the main ones - although they both decided not to associate their lives with the acting profession, and Dmitry Barkov (Vasya Petrov) and Yegor Druzhinin (Petya Vasechkin) are public people, and information about them often appears in the press. They were friends even before filming the movie. In 1983 Dmitry Barkov got to the casting thanks to Egor Druzhinin, who was approved first. The search for actors for the main roles continued for quite a long time, until director Vladimir Alenikov complained to his friend Vlad Druzhinin that he could not find suitable characters in any way. He invited him to call his son Yegor for the audition, and he later brought his friend Dima Barkov. The director approved them without hesitation - he really liked the fact that they were friends in real life, so on the set they felt confident and relaxed, actually playing themselves.

Dmitry Barkov in The Adventures of Petrov and Vasechkin and today

Dima Barkov's father was an actor of the Lensovet Theater, and for some time the boy was inclined to think about following in his father's footsteps. After school, he decided to enter LGITMiK, but hesitated for a long time whether to choose the acting department or the economics department. But when the third round of exams remained at the acting department, enrollment was already in progress at the economics department, and Barkov decided not to tempt fate: "".

Dmitry Barkov in the film Vacations of Petrov and Vasechkin, 1984, and in the film Agent of National Security, 1998 Dmitry Barkov

After graduation, he took up producing, arranged concerts, worked on a music channel, and later became a financial advisor to the stock exchange. Several more times Barkov appeared on screens - for example, in "Streets of Broken Lights" and "National Security Agent" - but he himself called these works accidental. While still at the institute, he met Mikhail Trukhin and Mikhail Porechenkov, and they invited him to star in episodes of these series. Despite the fact that at the moment there are about 15 works in his filmography, Dmitry Barkov does not consider himself an actor.

Egor Druzhinin in 1983 and 2009

Yegor Druzhinin's choice of profession was also influenced by his father, choreographer Vlad Druzhinin. Egor also graduated from LGITMiK and even worked at the Youth Theater for some time, but at 22 he decided to leave for America and take up dancing, like his father. To fulfill his dream, he agreed to any job - he was a waiter, a loader, washed dishes in a restaurant and cars at a car wash.

Egor Druzhinin

As a result, he not only mastered the basics of modern choreography, but also became a very popular dance director - upon returning to Russia, he staged numbers for dance groups that worked with Philip Kirkorov, Laima Vaikule, Valeria, Angelica Varum, the "Brilliant" group, taught choreography participants of the TV project "Star Factory", was a member of the jury of the show "Dances" and KVN, led the musical hit parade "Golden Gramophone", was the choreographer of the musical "12 chairs". And in 2013 Yegor Druzhinin staged a dance performance “Angel's Doll”.In his filmography - more than 15 works, among which the most notable were the roles in the films "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves" and "Balzac's Age, or All Men Are Their Own …". He perceives the acting profession more as a hobby.

Inga Ilm as Masha Startseva Inga Ilm

There were also a lot of candidates for the role of Masha Startseva, but, they say, Barkov and Druzhinin themselves asked to choose the most beautiful girl who immediately liked them. Inga Ilm studied dancing and horse riding, and after school she entered the Moscow Art Theater School. After graduating from her studies, for two years she performed on the theater stage, and then, like Druzhinin, decided to leave for America. There she took a course at the Lee Strasberg acting school in New York, but Inga did not stay there for a long time. She later admitted that she felt like a stranger among pragmatic Americans.

Inga Ilm Egor Druzhinin, Dmitry Barkov and Inga Ilm

In 1995, the actress returned to Russia and entered the troupe of the Moscow Pushkin Drama Theater. In parallel, she began to build a television career. Inga Ilm became the host of the Top Ten and Open Project programs, the theatrical show I Don't Believe, and the Other Life series of documentary projects. In 2008 she entered the Faculty of History at Moscow State University and became a specialist in the history of art.

Andrey Kanevsky in the film The Adventures of Petrov and Vasechkin Andrey Kanevsky

Much less is known about the rest of the filming participants. Andrei Kanevsky, who played the role of the red-haired Genka Skvortsov, graduated from the Odessa Medical University after school, got married and in 2000 emigrated with his family to Israel, where he works as a nurse in the intensive care unit of a hospital in Haifa. Andrey Kanevsky is the father of five children.

Boris Yanovsky Boris Yanovsky

Boris Yanovsky, who played Anton in "Vacations of Petrov and Vasechkin," after school graduated from the scriptwriting department of VGIK and got a job as a director on television. In addition, he took part in the filming of more than 20 clips of famous pop performers, and also became the author of scripts for the series "Alexander Garden" and "Hour of Volkov" and the author of a series of documentaries. Since 2015 Boris Yanovsky is the general producer of the Zvezda TV channel. Gogi Zambaridze (in the film - Artyom) lived in Germany for several years, then returned to Tbilisi, took up a real estate business.

Gogi Zambaridze Philip Alenikov

In "Vacations of Petrov and Vasechkin," director Vladimir Alenikov also shot his son Philip. When he grew up, he moved to the United States, graduated from the University of California Film School in 2001 and became a director and producer, in particular, he was an assistant producer on the television show Fear Factor.

Alexander Varakin in the film Vacations of Petrov and Vasechkin, 1984

But the fate of Alexander Varakin, who played the role of a bully named Gus in "Vacations of Petrov and Vasechkin", was tragic. After 5 roles in children's films, he did not pursue an acting career. In the 1990s. Varakin got in touch with the criminal world, and in 2002 he died of a drug overdose.

Alexander Varakin in the film Vacations of Petrov and Vasechkin, 1984

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