"If only for a second" - a project that was able to return carelessness to cancer patients
"If only for a second" - a project that was able to return carelessness to cancer patients
Unpredictable reactions in the project "If only for a second"

For its unique project, the Cancer Foundation Mimi Foundation selected 20 men and women with cancer and gave them a real surprise. Cancer patients were asked to sit with their eyes closed, while stylists were "conjuring" over them, and at the end of the process, the reaction to the result was photographed through a one-way mirror. Emotions were not long in coming: someone was shocked, someone laughed, someone was silent, but everyone at least "for a second" forgot about their terrible diagnosis.

A common reaction to metamorphosis was laughter

"Do you know what I miss the most?" Kathy A., who was diagnosed with cancer two years ago, asked, "Carefree." These words formed the basis of the project “If only for a second”.

Surprise of the participant of the project "If only for a second"

Mimi Foundation with Leo Burnett decided at all costs to bring bright colors to the lives of patients and return carelessness to at least a few people. Bold, sometimes insane images were born on the set.

A unique project from the Mimi Foundation

Eccentric makeup, wigs of all kinds of colors and shapes, all means were designed to bring back the joy of life and carefree. The result of the project was a 60-page book that preserved the moments when the volunteers did not think about their illness.

Volunteers in a charity project

There is a date under the photographs of this event. Here an oncological patient sits in anticipation, he does not yet know what he will see in the mirror. Another second - and … an indescribable reaction!

Cancer patients got a little lighthearted back

Stunning spreads with a wide variety of emotions. As you know - the very first reaction is the most honest, however, as can be judged from the video, most of the participants laughed with pleasure and completely sincerely immediately after the amazement captured.

Art really works wonders and this is not the first time that a creative approach has helped fight an illness. One such striking example is the artist Simon Birch, who is overcoming a terrible illness.

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