Only one graduate came to the last call at the Ural school
Only one graduate came to the last call at the Ural school
Graduation in the Ural school for one student

Quite recently, the last bell rang in all schools, ceremonial rulers were held, and thousands of graduates said goodbye to their educational institutions in order to move to a new stage of life. As a rule, the celebration in different schools is not much different from each other, but this year there was one educational institution in the Urals, where the class of graduates consisted of … only one student!

Graduate Alexandra Kryuchkova with a first grader

Looking at the individual photo of Aleksanra Kryuchkova with the class teacher, at first you don't notice the oddities. But here's the bad luck: the girl simply does not have classmates, and in her person a whole "class" is graduated from a rural school in Kytlym. In order for the graduate to retain fond memories of such an important day in her life, teachers and schoolchildren from other classes arranged a full-fledged holiday for her.

A party for one graduate

Giving an interview to the local press, Alexandra shared that during the school year it was always difficult for her: after all, you can't talk to anyone, there is no spirit of competition, friendship and leisure with classmates, there is no one to even write off on the test. On the other hand, individual training is a clear plus in terms of academic performance: the graduate goes to the gold medal and is now actively preparing for the Unified State Exam.

Dance with my father

The village of Kytlym is small in itself: in the Soviet years, the mining industry flourished here, in the 2000s life began to seethe when employees of one of the military units were transferred here. When fresh blood came to the village, the school resumed its full-fledged work. A couple of years ago, four more students studied with Sasha, but they preferred to continue their studies at the technical school and said goodbye to school after the 9th grade. Sasha, in turn, dreams of a university in Yekaterinburg, so she studied hard for another two years.

By the way, there are 23 first-graders today, there are two classes at the school. Together with Alexandra, ninth-graders were also congratulated on the holiday, so she was not entirely lonely. True, the girl decided to dance the waltz with her father, which was very touching.

11th graders and 9th graders

Alexandra plans to study in Yekaterinburg at the Faculty of Economics. The teachers were even a little upset, they hoped that their replacement would grow up, but so far the girl is sure that she does not want to associate life with pedagogy.

Last call

The Russian woman danced on the last call with her father, and the American a schoolboy came to the ball with a charming 93-year-old companion.

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