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Sonya the Golden Pen and Kochubchik: the story of how passion brought hard labor
Sonya the Golden Pen and Kochubchik: the story of how passion brought hard labor
Sonya the Golden Pen and Kochubchik: the story of how passion brought hard labor

Her life was ruled by passion. Once a 17-year-old unfortunate girl Sonya fled with a young Greek from her evil stepmother. Later she married the Odessa sharper Bluestein, and when he was in prison, left alone, she herself headed the "family business" to feed the children. And she went to jail also because of passion - she took the blame of the young lover.

Sophia Bluestein or Sonya-Golden pen. Oh, how many stories and legends were told about her dexterous fingers. And even more - about the charm and charm that the deceiver so deftly used. This girl possessed brilliant ingenuity and talent. She was easily given to robbing jewelry houses and wealthy bankers. Luck went hand in hand. Sonya's main trump card was artistry and the ability to reincarnate, trying on the life and image of other people. The audience adored her. Each scam became a sensation in society. The thief lived with passion and excitement. Another success, the desire for profit and power kindled a real flame in her soul, turning passion into the meaning of life. But, probably, the main scam of her life was her love for a young gambler named Kochubchik.

Fatal meeting

Sonya the Golden Pen is a legend of the criminal world

It was a truly fatal visit to Odessa. Sonya fell in love with this city, and also, unexpectedly for herself, penetrated with a strong, burning feeling for a young, skinny cheat. Previously not knowing such a strong feeling, Sonya was ready to do anything to keep her young lover. And he, in turn, taking advantage of such a gift of fate, knew no restrictions either in money or in revelry. Kochubchik lost a lot and constantly demanded more. Volodka saw in the famous thief an opportunity to live on a grand scale.

One of the few lifetime portraits of Sophia Bluestein

At first, he even called Sonya a mother, and not a lover, as the young lady herself wanted. Almost every night, the sharper took the looted treasures and went to play cards. Sonya rushed after him, hoping to reason with her beloved. Kochubchik quickly got tired of such care, the thief annoyed him and caused aggression. The gambler raised his hand to the girl and did not spare bad words, drove her out of the gambling houses. And she justified his behavior with another loss, believed that her love would be enough for both of them.

Photo of Sophia Bluestein from the police archives

The girl was full of hopes to melt the heart of the sharper, endured all the humiliations and loaded her lover with diamonds. And it was not enough for him. Living in such tension, Sonya became careless, was forced to take more and more risks. The gambler quickly got tired of both Sonya herself and her dependence on her. He spent all her money and jewelry, he no longer needed her. The thief was left completely poor, no money, no jewelry. Moreover, her tail is being watched everywhere. She knew perfectly well that the only way out was to run.

Sonya-Golden pen in hard labor

The road to Sakhalin

But how do you run? When the only meaning of her life will remain in this city. It's easier to die than not to see him. And she stayed, knowing that she was going to certain death. She looked for her beloved everywhere, followed on his heels. And Volodka was so disgusted with the already poor, old aunt Sonya that he dreamed of getting rid of her in any way. Volodka betrayed his patroness without hesitation in order to recklessly embark on the world of excitement and young ladies. Sonya ended up in the dock, and then was exiled to hard labor on the island of Sakhalin. And Volodka Kochubchik, having got his hands on the thief's money, settled down perfectly for himself, having bought himself an estate with these funds.

Sonya-Golden pen in hard labor

Sonya tried to escape from penal servitude three times. And not in order to live in freedom or continue their glorious work. The only purpose of the escape was to see his beloved, at least once to look Volodka Kochubchik in the eyes. She forgave him long ago and was ready to forgive all his antics and betrayals at least for the rest of her life. Only there was no freedom and life for her without her beloved gambler. Imprisonment on the island was not a hard labor for Sonya. Servitude was in her heart. In the impossibility of existing without having won the favor of a young lover.

Request inscriptions on the monument to Sonya the Golden Handle

The story of Sonya the Golden Hand is shrouded in riddles, secrets and, of course, deception. Her whole life is a legend that the deceiver created with her own hands. To this day, there are many secrets around the life and death of the great swindler. However, there is no doubt that only Volodka Kochubchik saw the true face of Sonya. For his sake, the thief tore off all the masks, trampled on her pride and put her life and freedom at his feet.

The marble sculpture of a woman without arms and head is a monument to the legendary swindler Sonya the Golden Hand

Sonya-Golden Pen is just one of the famous fraudsters in the Russian Empire. Who were they - legendary swindlers of the early 20th century.

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