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How was the fate of the 1980s star Lyudmila Shevel, who refused the charismatic Oleg Yankovsky
How was the fate of the 1980s star Lyudmila Shevel, who refused the charismatic Oleg Yankovsky

In the filmography of this actress, there are more than forty works in the cinema, among which, beloved by more than one generation of viewers, "Lonely is given a hostel", "Dance Floor", "Where is the nofelet" and others. Lyudmila Shevel was actively filming in the 1980s, but already in the 1990s her fame began to wane, and now she appears on the screens quite rarely. But the actress managed to attract attention a couple of years ago by talking about how she rejected the claims of Oleg Yankovsky himself.

Against the will of the parents

Lyudmila Shevel in the film "Before the War"

She was born in September 1958 in Artyomovsk, Donetsk region, but later the family, following her military father, moved to Kiev. When Lyudmila grew up, her parents noticed that her daughter had musical abilities, therefore, in parallel with the general education school, she began to attend a music school, later she entered the Glier school in the bandura class.

Naturally, the parents hoped that further Lyudmila would enter the conservatory and be able to achieve success in this field. They did not even know that the girl dreams of becoming an actress. This desire was born in her after watching Evgeny Khrinyuk's painting "Anna and the Commander" with Vasily Lanov, Alisa Freundlich and Innokentiy Smoktunovsky in the lead roles.

Lyudmila Shevel in the film "Faces-Passions Come"

Lyudmila was desperately afraid of her parents' disapproval, so the documents were sent to the Kiev Theater Institute. She took Karpenko-Kary secretly, and after that she went to all auditions and exams with a bandura so that no one would guess at home about the deception. Only when the girl found her last name in the list of applicants, she confessed everything to her parents. Fortunately, they were able to appreciate the dedication of their daughter, and on September 1, Lyudmila began her studies.

Already in her student years, she began acting in films, and after receiving her diploma, she went to Leningrad and was enrolled in the staff of the Lenfilm film studio. At that time, she had nowhere to even sleep. Her first refuge was the airport, then Nikita Mikhailovsky sheltered her colleague at the time of his departure, simply giving the girl the keys to his apartment. Later she was given a room in a communal apartment and at that moment it seemed almost a miracle.

Lyudmila Shevel

In the 1980s, one starred in films a lot, but still the actress admits: she is unhappy with her acting fate. She never managed to show everything that she is capable of. But the choice always remained with the directors, and they, according to the actress, did not use her potential, and therefore they were rarely invited to their projects.

Lost happiness

Lyudmila Shevel in the film "The Warmth of the Frozen Land"

Unfortunately, the actress cannot boast of a happy personal life either. For the first time, she married Alexander Balandin. They met on the set of the film "Ravines", where Lyudmila Shevel played one of the main roles. The charming young actress immediately won the assistant director's heart, and soon the newlyweds were already receiving congratulations from their colleagues on their wedding day. But this marriage lasted only three years and broke up on the initiative of Lyudmila herself. She managed to fall in love again and resolutely filed for divorce.

Lyudmila Shevel

Businessman Andrey won the heart of a woman he liked almost with ease. However, it is unlikely that any other woman in the place of Lyudmila could resist his pressure and charm.He loaded his beloved with expensive gifts, presented gorgeous bouquets, was attentive and attentive, guessed and fulfilled any of her wishes. This story was like a fairy tale. Naturally, the actress agreed to the subsequent marriage proposal.

Lyudmila Shevel

At first, family life was going very well. The couple were happy, and Lyudmila soon informed her husband that they would soon have a baby. But after the birth of her daughter Catherine, the atmosphere in the family changed dramatically. Quarrels between the spouses did not stop day or night, and the young dad not only did not seek to help his wife with the child, but also began to raise his hand to Lyudmila. The divorce was inevitable, and after it the actress gave her daughter her last name so that nothing would remind Katya of her unfortunate father.

Rejected Yankovsky

Oleg Yankovsky

The story that happened in the early 1990s at one of the Kinotavr film festivals, according to the actress, can in no way be regarded as harassment on the part of Oleg Yankovsky. Even then, she took it as a bad joke. One evening, Oleg Ivanovich, who had managed to skip more than one glass, knocked on her room and tried to enter with an offer to make love. Lyudmila Shevel was not even scared. She simply told Yankovsky that he was not her type and closed the door in front of him.

Lyudmila Shevel

The actor himself told Mark Rubinstein about the incident, who asked the actress at breakfast if she really refused Yankovsky himself, and then even admired her courage. This ended the incident, and the story went public a little later. First, Mark Rubinstein remembered her at one of the film festivals, later Lyudmila Shevel herself began to retell it during her interviews, emphasizing that Yankovsky did not react to her refusal either then or later.


Lyudmila Shevel

In the late 1990s, Lyudmila Shevel, it seems, almost believed that she would be happy again. During one of the film festivals, she met Andrei Titov, a former state security officer, who was in business at the time of the meeting with the actress. Andrei was attentive and caring, he very quickly won the heart of not only Lyudmila herself, but also her daughter Katya, whom he was going to adopt.

Two years after the first meeting, they were already preparing for the wedding. The date of the celebration was set, a dress was purchased, a restaurant was ordered and the flight and hotel for the honeymoon were paid for. And Lyudmila also made her husband happy with the news that she was expecting a child. Unfortunately, her dream of a happy life was shattered: in 1997, Andrei Titov was killed. The actress claims that it was an order to eliminate her beloved man. And the troubles did not end there. Stress also led to the loss of an unborn baby. After all the troubles, Lyudmila Shevel plunged into a deep depression, out of which Andrei's friends and, of course, her daughter helped her.

Lyudmila Shevel with her daughter

The actress never married again, raised a daughter, who then entered the theater in London. Ekaterina did not want to stay in the UK, returned to Russia, began to play with her mother in an entreprise. Unfortunately, this performance has not been shown for a year.

Today Lyudmila Shevel lives on a modest pension in her own apartment in St. Petersburg, she does not complain about anything and hopes that the fate of her daughter will be happier than that of herself.

Oleg Yankovsky, who was rejected by Lyudmila Shevel, was one of the brightest and most sought-after actors. On his account - more than 100 works in theater and cinema and, probably, the same number of unplayed roles. He himself did not like to talk about myself and did not confess with reporters. But according to the recollections of his relatives, friends and colleagues, you can make a realistic portrait of your favorite artist.

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