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Earthly Beauty: Top 15 Submissions from National Geographic's Annual Wildlife Photo Contest
Earthly Beauty: Top 15 Submissions from National Geographic's Annual Wildlife Photo Contest
The first works of the National Geographic Nature Photographer Of The Year 2017 competition have been published

This competition is held for those who are fascinated by the world of wildlife, who love to shoot landscapes, are fond of underwater photography or aerial photography. Each of these pictures is a real fascinating story from the life of the wild.

1. Japanese macaques in the snow monkey park in the image "Serving macaques"

Photo by Lance McMillan, Canada

2. Flocks of migratory birds, captured during a flight on an airplane in the image "A Thousand Birds"

Photo by Jassen Todorov, USA

3. Horses in the pasture in the early morning after sunrise in Romania in the image "Paradise on Earth"

The author of the picture is a photographer under the pseudonym Sebastiaen, Romania

4. The railway line connecting the prefectures of Japan Fukushima and Niigata in the image "Tadami Line"

Photo by Teruo Araya, Japan

5. Lioness in the Kenyan reserve Masai Mara in the picture "Sipping"

Photo by Joel Fischer, Switzerland

6. The famous winding road Chia-Sacele in the photo "Endless Road to Transylvania"

Photo by Calin Stan, Romania

7. Alligator lurking in a duckweed in the picture "Camouflage of Mother Nature"

Photo by Cole Frechou, USA

8. Amazing sea goat - a tiny crustacean in the "Alien" macro photograph

Photo by Adam Silverman, Taiwan

9. Starfish anemone in the Crescent Bay in the "Actinia" image

Photo by Corbin Morgan, USA

10. The picture "Yellow bush frog" was taken in the rainforest of Agumba

Photo by Angad Achappa, India

11. Camels walking along the Australian beach at sunset in the "Beach Caravan"

Photo by Todd Kennedy, Australia

12. 3-month-old bear cub with its mother near the water in the picture "She-bear with cub"

Photo by Anat Gutman, UK

13. Giant Australian cuttlefish during the mating season in the image "Desire"

Photo by Cameron McFarlane, Australia

14. Disappearing colors in the gray mountains in the "Mackenzie Mountains"

Photo by Alain Boudreau, Canada

15. A body of water near the Loften Islands, filled with water at high tide in the image "Enchanted"

Photo by Felix Inden, Germany

It is impossible without a smile to look at the 14 photos of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2017, which are captured Funny animals.

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