Elena Papanova's late success: How an actress repeated the creative destiny of her famous father
Elena Papanova's late success: How an actress repeated the creative destiny of her famous father

Nowadays, the actress Elena Papanova, who recently celebrated her 66th birthday, is no longer represented as the daughter of the famous actor Anatoly Papanov - she has long become an independent creative unit. In her filmography - about 60 works, she performs on the stage of the Theater. M. Ermolova and teaches acting. True, in many ways she repeated the creative fate of her father: Elena Papanova began acting at the age of 22, but recognition and success came to her in adulthood, only after 55 years. At the same time, she called Valeria Gai Germanicus her godmother in the cinema, who, by age, was suitable for her as a daughter.

Elena Papanova as a child with her father, mother and grandmother

Many acquaintances considered her a darling of fate - she was born into an acting family, her parents Anatoly Papanov and Nadezhda Korotaeva were known throughout the country, and her own path, it would seem, was predetermined from birth. However, in fact, Elena spent the first 15 years of her life not with her parents, but with her grandmother, whom she considered her second mother - the actors constantly disappeared on the set and rehearsals and could not pay enough attention to their daughter. In addition, they lived in the dormitory of the Theater of Satire and felt that the child would be more comfortable living in an apartment with his grandmother. Elena later recalled this period: "".

The only daughter of Anatoly Papanov

At the age of 15, Elena moved to her parents and began to study in a theater studio, telling them about her desire to continue the acting dynasty. They were against her daughter choosing a theater university - they insisted on entering the Institute of Foreign Languages. In addition, her mother often repeated to her: "". However, at the last moment, Elena nevertheless decided to apply to the Moscow Art Theater School. But there she did not go beyond the second round of exams, and then her parents hired a tutor who helped her prepare for admission to GITIS - the same university that they graduated from and where they met. This time the attempt was successful.

Famous actor Anatoly Papanov with his daughter

After completing her studies, Elena faced a choice: which of the theaters to go to. Her father performed at the Theater of Satire, she also dreamed of being there and performing with him on the same stage, but Anatoly Papanov was adamant: “” And Elena became an artist of the Moscow Drama Theater. M. Ermolova. And with her father, they never appeared together either on stage or in the frame.

Famous actor Anatoly Papanov with his daughter

During her studies, Elena began to meet with classmate Yuri Titov, and after graduating from GITIS they got married. Parents discouraged her from this step, believing that her daughter needed to focus on her acting career. In some ways, they turned out to be right - soon after the wedding, Elena gave birth to a daughter, Maria, later another daughter, Nadezhda, was born. It was quite difficult to combine parenting with filming and performing in the theater. In addition, the actress's husband could not get a job in Moscow, and he had to travel to Noginsk every day. Over time, he made the decision to leave the acting profession, sacrificing his career for the sake of his family.

Actress with her husband on their wedding day Actress with daughters

At 22, Elena Papanova made her film debut, starting with cameo roles. Perhaps she could have achieved success much earlier, but due to the birth of children, she had to take long pauses in filming.After Masha was born, the actress refused all the proposed scenarios for two years, and at the beginning of her acting career, such pauses can be disastrous. Elena admitted: "".

Elena Papanova in the film We Are Together, Mom, 1976 Shot from the movie Shoes with gold buckles, 1976

Nevertheless, she never regretted unplayed roles in her younger years - at an age that is crucial for a successful career of any actress. Even in her youth, Elena was able to clearly set priorities for herself, and the family for her always remained in the foreground. She said: "".

Film and theater actress Elena Papanova Elena Papanova in the film Voice of Memory, 1989

In the 1990s. the actress practically did not act in film, in the early 2000s. she appeared in several TV series, and then disappeared from the screens again. Her triumphant return to cinema took place when she herself did not expect to be successful. In 2010, the sensational series “School” by Valeria Guy Germanicus was released, where Elena Papanova played a teacher of Russian language and literature. Neither the actors nor the director counted on the unprecedented resonance that this series caused.

Actress on the stage of the theater Elena Papanova in the TV series School, 2010

"School" caused a lot of controversy - many viewers accused the director of exaggeration and exaggeration. Elena Papanova said about this: "".

Still from the film Vysotsky. Thank you for being alive, 2011 Elena Papanova in the film Live on, 2013

Director Valeria Gai Germanika was the same age as the youngest daughter of Elena Papanova, but the actress called her her godmother in the cinema, because it was thanks to her that she not only returned to the screens, but also began to actively act again, having played in two more projects of Guy Germanicus - the series "Brief course of a happy life "and the film" Yes and Yes ", and after that received many proposals from other directors. It so happened that only after 55 years, Elena Papanova finally gained wide popularity and began to appear in 3-5 new projects every year.

Still from the film Crisis of Tender Age, 2016 Elena Papanova in the series Cold Shores, 2019

Her creative destiny in many ways resembled the path of her father: she also graduated from GITIS, teachers also spoke to her about a non-cinematic appearance, with which it is difficult to count on the main characters, she was the same monogamous in the profession and in her personal life, following the father's principle “one wife, one theater”, she also did not receive prominent roles for a long time and, like her father, only in her mature years met“her”director, who revealed her creative potential. But success came to Anatoly Papanov after 40, and to her after 55, and, of course, it was impossible to compare his popularity with her fame, because he played in cult films that glorified him throughout the Union.

Actress with her husband Actress with her husband, daughters, son-in-law and grandson

However, Elena never tried to compete with her father in talent - it was already difficult for her to live with such a loud surname and all the time to hear unflattering comparisons and remarks addressed to her. She seemed to have been trying all her life to prove that at one time she made the right choice and became an actress not only because of her last name, and only now no one doubts this anymore. Her path was not strewn with roses, and Elena Papanova achieved everything in the profession herself. Unfortunately, Anatoly Papanov did not see his daughter's success - he passed away back in 1987, at 64, when she was just taking her first steps in the profession, but today he could definitely be proud of her!

Famous actor Anatoly Papanov with his daughter

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