Floral landscapes that give a summer mood: English artist Timothy Easton
Floral landscapes that give a summer mood: English artist Timothy Easton

British artist Timothy Easton, having mastered the virtuoso painting technique, during his creative career, he wrote many elegant paintings that evoke peace, inspiration and harmony in the viewer. Landscapes with flowering meadows and gardens, plot pictures of village life, gentle still lifes illuminated by the rays of the low sun, seem so real that you can smell the spring scent of lilies, lavender, irises and wildflowers.

Timothy Nigel Dandy Easton was born in 1943 in Tedworth, Surrey, the son of Dandy Brian Easton, an art collector. Inspired by his father's passion for collecting paintings and his own interest in drawing, Easton decided at an early age that he would become an artist. By the way, Timothy's younger brother, Dandy Peter Easton (born 1950), will be directly involved in painting in the future. For many years he will be a visual arts consultant for Bonham's and Sotheby's.

Spring landscape with a bridge (Spring Bridge). Artist: Timothy Easton

The future artist received his education at Cranly, Moudon Hall and Christ's College, and then studied the basics of painting at Kingston College of Art for four years. Another year of study at Heatherly in London, and Timothy received the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Prize, which allowed him to travel to cities in Italy and Northern Europe, where he became acquainted with the works of great artists of past eras.

In the paddock outside the parish priest's house. (In the Rectory Paddock). Artist: Timothy Easton

Returning to England with considerable experience, Timothy Easton began to paint portraits to order, also at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Tedworth and at Theological College in Salisbury, he was listed as a church muralist. He painted large figurative frescoes.

Irises and two ate. (Irises and Two Fir Trees). Artist: Timothy Easton

Thus, several of his frescoes in the Church of the Good Shepherd, according to critics, are among the best works of the artist in his entire creative career.

Blooming May and iris bed. (May blossom and the Iris Bed). Artist: Timothy Easton

But in the early 1970s, Easton decided to radically change his role. He left painting and took up sculpture closely. For 15 years, the artist sculpted his statues, and then cast them in bronze. His creative works have been exhibited at numerous exhibitions in Los Angeles, Germany, Luxembourg and regularly in London.

Cardona (Spanish artichoke) against the moat. (Cardoons Against The Moat). Artist: Timothy Easton

Later, Timothy unexpectedly returned to brushes and paint. He decided to change directions in his creative career in the mid-1980s, when, inspired by renovations in his new home and garden at Bedfield Hall near Framlingham in Suffolk, he returned to painting.

Irises in Bedfield (Irises at Bedfield)

And soon, having gained a reputation as a gardener and landscape painter, Easton developed his own signature style, which became so unique that his paintings can be unmistakably recognized among the works of other master painters.

The Delphinium Field

Timothy Easton's paintings are full of special charm and bright colors, as this time he focused on light and a variety of wonderful effects that can only be reproduced on canvas: - says the artist.

Still life. Seashells. Artist: Timothy Easton

That is why Easton's canvases have an extraordinary translucency, which creates a stunning effect of air space. Whether in landscape or seascapes, as well as in the artist's delicate still lifes.

On the pond. Artist: Timothy Easton

One of Timothy's favorite themes is the water surface, reflections in the water, ripples shining with sunlight. The artist's favorite theme is also drawing views through windows and catching effects of light falling on them: shadows, reflexes, glare.

Still life. Lilies And A Straw Hat. Artist: Timothy Easton

Through the views from his windows, Timothy often reveals the stunning countryside surrounding his home in the south of England. Often in the window openings you can see the artist's pets, which are drawn with special love.

Lilies. Artist: Timothy Easton

Since 1990, Timothy Easton's paintings have been featured in many solo and mixed exhibitions at home and in many well-known galleries in Europe. And is it worth talking about how warmly the audience greeted such radiant and such sincere canvases of the master from Great Britain.

Harbor View. Artist: Timothy Easton

And thanks to the real reproduction of local architectural structures, in 1996 Timothy Easton was awarded the Winston Churchill Memorial Fund Fellowship as an "artist working in the field of architecture." This allowed him to travel to six European countries. And, of course, gain new impressions.

Training in the Hamptons. Artist: Timothy Easton

In addition to creativity, the artist worked for a long time on the treatise "Technique of Oil Painting", which was published by Batsford in November 1997. Reproductions of Easton's paintings have also been featured in several other publications, and can also be found on many greeting cards, CD covers, and prints.

San Giorgio - Venice. Artist: Timothy Easton Near the buoy. (Around the Buoy). Artist: Timothy Easton Venice at dawn. Artist: Timothy Easton

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