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7 Soviet actresses who managed to win the hearts of foreign audiences
7 Soviet actresses who managed to win the hearts of foreign audiences

Public recognition is extremely important for any creative person, but it is especially valuable for actors who devote their entire lives to their favorite work. Of course, artists every day go to the theater stage or act in films in order to give the audience a particle of themselves. And for them, the love of each viewer is important. Soviet actresses shone on screens many years ago, but some of them still thrill men from different countries today.

Vera Alentova

Vera Alentova in the film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears"

The film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears", which won an Oscar in 1981, is still loved and watched by viewers, including foreign ones. For foreign film fans, it was a revelation that not only propaganda films were filmed in the Soviet Union. They were impressed by the story of the heroine Vera Alentova and her acting talent. At the same time, they note: the performer of the leading role is very beautiful, and her work largely influenced the success of the entire film.

Zhanna Prokhorenko

Zhanna Prokhorenko in the film "The Ballad of the Soldier"

The debut work of the actress in the film "The Ballad of a Soldier" brought Zhanna Prokhorenko worldwide fame. Thanks to a special jury prize at the Cannes Film Festival and two prizes at the San Francisco Film Festival, where she was present as a member of the Soviet delegation and the lead actress, foreign viewers were able to see the Soviet actress. Then they were captivated by her naturalness and simplicity. Today, foreign film fans, speaking about Zhanna Prokhorenko, emphasize: the angelic appearance of her heroine in the legendary film is in harmony with a strong character, and her acting talent is worthy of admiration.

Tatiana Samoilova

Tatyana Samoilova in the film "The Cranes Are Flying"

After the victory of the film "The Cranes Are Flying" at the Cannes Film Festival, foreign viewers began to call the leading actress Tatyana Samoilova Soviet Audrey Hepburn. In their opinion, it was she who made the film special and does not lose its relevance many years after the first release on the screens. Foreign fans of her talent more than once expressed their regret that such a talented actress was not filmed anywhere except in the USSR.

Margarita Terekhova

Margarita Terekhova in the film "The Mirror"

Russian viewers will remember the actress for her incredibly talented work in her favorite films, which have long become classics. But foreign fans had a chance to meet Margarita Terekhova thanks to Andrei Tarkovsky's "Mirror", which today ranks 19th in the list of the best films of all time. In "The Mirror" she had to appear in two rather complex images at once: Maria, Alexei's mother, and Natalia, his wife. Foreign viewers call the work of Margarita Terekhova hypnotic and powerful, and the actress herself is very talented and deeply conveying emotions.

Natalya Varley

Natalya Varley in the film "Prisoner of the Caucasus"

Foreign viewers, just like Soviet ones, fell in love with Natalya Varley after the role of Nina in the legendary comedy by Leonid Gaidai "Prisoner of the Caucasus". According to foreign fans of the actress, in the film she managed to convey all the power of the female power and independence of the main character. They note: it is on the sincerity and charm of Natalya Varley that the whole plot rests, she makes the viewer empathize with the heroine and laugh with her at the unlucky warders.

Natalia Andreichenko

Natalia Andreichenko in the movie "Mary Poppins, Goodbye"

The musical "Mary Poppins, Goodbye" is known and loved not only throughout the post-Soviet space, but also in the far abroad.Foreign viewers admire the charm and elegance of the heroine Natalia Andreichenko and call the actress a follower of Julie Andrews, who brings her own personality and charm to the role.

Lyudmila Savelyeva

Lyudmila Savelyeva in the film War and Peace

It is hard to disagree with foreign audiences who call Lyudmila Savelyeva, the performer of the role of Natasha Rostova in the epic War and Peace, a real gem of the film. They note how authentically and sincerely the actress played, having managed to convey the purity and innocence of her heroine. Cheerfulness, happiness, love, naivety - the actress was able to embody all these qualities of Natasha Rostova on the screen. Until now, every viewer who first gets acquainted with the film epic of Sergei Bondarchuk is ready to fall in love with the touching and bright Natasha Rostova performed by Lyudmila Savelyeva.

Our compatriots remember and know many Soviet films almost by heart, they can quote the most striking statements of the heroes without hesitation. However, the Western viewer also had the opportunity to deserve appreciate the masterpieces of Soviet cinema. For some, these films became an opportunity to get to know the mysterious Russian soul, while others studied the life of ordinary Soviet citizens from them.

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