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Where did Lena Perova disappear: the finest hour and a black streak in the life of the former soloist of the Lyceum group
Where did Lena Perova disappear: the finest hour and a black streak in the life of the former soloist of the Lyceum group

On June 24, the singer, TV presenter and actress Lena Perova turned 45 years old. Once she often appeared on screens and in music videos of the Lyceum and Amega groups, and in films and TV shows, but in the past few years nothing has been heard about her. Only at the beginning of this year, the artist returned to the screens again, taking part in the third season of the project "The Last Hero", but in the very first issue she left there of her own free will. What was the reason for this decision, why the pause in her creative life dragged on for several years and what Perova is doing today - further in the review.

Graduate of the "Lyceum"

Lena Perova with the Lyceum group

Elena Perova grew up in a family of musicians - her parents played in the orchestra of the Moscow Academic Theater of Satire. The whole country knew her older brother - Sergei Suponev was a famous TV presenter and head of the ORT children's programs directorate. It was he who first drew attention to his sister's musical talent and took her to the vocal and choreographic group "Children's World" under the direction of composer Valentin Ovsyannikov. Later this group was transformed into the Moscow Children's Variety Theater. There Lena met Nastya Makarevich and Izolda Ishkhanishvili, and in 1991 they became vocalists of the Lyceum group, created by Nastya's stepfather Alexei Makarevich, cousin of the leader of the Time Machine Andrei Makarevich.

Lena Perova with the Lyceum group

From its very first appearance on television in the Morning Star program, the Lyceum group won the sympathy of the listeners, a year later they released their first hit Saturday Evening, and in 1995 the group received the Ovation award in the Discovery of the Year nomination. … 14-year-old Isolde and Nastya and 15-year-old Lena became real stars, their most famous hit "Autumn" is probably still remembered by many.

Lena Perova with the Amega group

Lena Perova's interests were never limited to singing, and at the suggestion of her brother, she decided to try her hand at being a TV presenter. Because of this, she had a conflict with the producer of the group, because Lena violated the terms of the contract by agreeing to become the host of the TV program "I'll Sing Right Now". Because of this, in 1997 she had to leave the Lyceum group. Then she was sure that she had said goodbye to the stage forever, but her musical career soon continued: she was offered to become a soloist of the "Amega" group, and for two years she performed with a new group. In 2000, the singer began her solo career and released the album "Fly behind the sun", and a year later presented her solo project - the group "Feathers". All the songs Perova wrote herself, and the style of her music was defined as "pop-rock".

Family grief

Singer with her brother, TV presenter Sergei Suponev

In 2001, a tragedy happened in their family, which unsettled Perova - her brother crashed while riding a snowmobile. His departure was so sudden and so absurd that his sister could not come to terms with him for a long time. The singer admitted: "". After that, she plunged into work and found new areas of creative realization for herself. In 2002, Lena Perova decided to test her strength in the "Last Hero" project, where she reached the finals and proved herself to be a real fighter. Victory was not her goal - she wanted to prove to herself that she was able to overcome a lot.

Lena Perova and Konstantin Khabensky in the film On the Move, 2002

In the same 2002, the singer made her film debut, starring with Konstantin Khabensky in the film "On the Move".The debut was successful, and later she appeared in an episode of the film "Gloss", played one of the main roles in the TV series "Margosha", starred in the TV series "Angel or Demon".

Lena Perov in the TV series Margosha, 2008

At the same time, her television career continued: from 2004 to 2010. Lena Perova, together with Mikhail Shvydkoi, hosted the musical talk show Life is Beautiful and in 2008 she won the TEFI Prize in the Talk Show Host nomination. In 2011, she appeared on the screens as the host of the "Girls" program and the TV show "Battle of Interiors", 2 years later she entered the jury of the selection round of the musical project "The Voice", in 2013-2014. at the invitation of Konstantin Ernst, she took the post of editor-in-chief of the directorate of music and entertainment programs on Channel One. And after that, Lena Perova disappeared from the screens for a long time.

Black line

Music Talk Show Hosts Life is Beautiful

None of her fans knew about what had happened to her in the past few years. She played her last role in the cinema in 2013, she has not appeared on Perov's television since then, nothing has been heard about her musical work for a long time. For some time, her name was mentioned in the press only in a negative context: in 2013, the artist was drunk in an accident, a year later the same story repeated itself. This provoked rumors that Perova is heavily dependent on bad habits and cannot cope with this problem on her own.

Singer, actress, TV presenter Lena Perova

Her mother said that at that time Lena was in a state of severe depression and turned to a psychologist for help. Then there were rumors that she was going to commit suicide, but the artist herself denied this: "".

Return to "The Last Hero"

Lena Perova in the TV show The Last Hero: Champions vs. Newcomers, 2021

In early 2021, Lena Perova surprised her fans by the fact that almost 20 years later she decided to test herself again in the third season of the Last Hero survival show. But this time she clearly did not calculate her strength - in the very first issue she left the project, asking the members of her team to vote against her. The artist herself spoke very vaguely about the reasons for this decision - supposedly old injuries made themselves felt, and the state of health did not allow to continue the struggle, the conditions of which became even tougher than in previous seasons. In addition, after the recent death of her father, her mother began to have health problems, and Lena realized that she had to be with her. But her "fellow tribesmen" suspected that Perova was still at the mercy of bad habits and could not even spend several days without "doping." The artist herself did not comment on these rumors.

Lena Perova in the TV show The Last Hero: Champions vs. Newbies, 2021

Perova still continues to write songs. In one of the last interviews, she admitted that she had accumulated quite a lot of compositions that no one had ever heard: "". It remains to be hoped that her fate will make a new round, and the undoubtedly talented artist will find a new field for creative realization, because 45 years is not at all the time to end her career.

Singer, actress, TV presenter Lena Perova

His sudden departure was a shock for many: The premature death of Sergei Suponev.

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