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7 films and TV series about the Romanov dynasty that are worth spending your time on
7 films and TV series about the Romanov dynasty that are worth spending your time on

The Romanov dynasty sat on the Russian throne for three centuries. It seems that more films and TV series are dedicated to the last emperor Nicholas II and his family than the entire dynasty. This is not surprising, because their fate was very dramatic and gave filmmakers around the world a lot of materials for documentaries, artistic rethinking and creative conjectures.

"Anastasia", 1956, USA, director Anatol Litvak

A still from the film "Anastasia"

The film was based on the story of Anna Anderson. For many years this woman claimed to be the daughter of the Russian tsar, miraculously saved from being shot. The magnificent Inga Bergman played this role so brilliantly that the viewer actually wants to believe in the magical salvation of Anastasia Romanova. This picture can hardly be called historically accurate, but it certainly deserves the attention of the viewer.

Nicholas and Alexandra, 1971, UK, directed by Franklin J. Schaffner

A still from the film "Nikolai and Alexandra"

British filmmakers shot a film based on the book by Robert K. Massey "Nicholas and Alexandra: An Intimate Look at the Last Romanovs and the Fall of Imperial Russia." One can argue for a long time about the historical reliability of this picture, but it is actually staged very well, as evidenced by two Oscars out of the declared six nominations.

"Agony", 1981, USSR, director Elem Klimov

A still from the film "Agony"

This film went into production three times, it took 15 years and many reworkings to complete it, and it only came out on wide screens four years after its premiere at the Moscow Film Festival. Renowned Japanese director Akira Kurosawa gave a standing ovation after this picture for five minutes. Definitely, Agony is a brilliant, realistic and entertaining film.

“The Romanovs. Crowned family ", 2000, Russia, director Gleb Panfilov

A still from the film “The Romanovs. Crowned family. "

The film recreates the events of the last year and a half from the life of the royal family. The picture turned out to be very piercing, touching and incredibly strong. It is simply impossible to watch the scene of shaving bald of the tsar's daughters calmly. The main advantage of the film is its historical accuracy.

"The Romanovs", TV series, 2013, Russia, director Maxim Bespaly

A still from the series "The Romanovs"

The documentary-fiction project was filmed for the 400th anniversary of the accession of the Romanov dynasty. The creators of the series initially refused invitations to the roles of famous actors, so as not to distract the viewer from historical facts. At the same time, the provincial actors who were invited to the roles must necessarily have an external resemblance to their heroes, since the director and producers deliberately refused to use plastic makeup in the filming.

The Romanovs, TV series, 2018, USA, director Matthew Weiner

A still from the series "The Romanovs"

Unlike the project of Russian filmmakers, Amazon could not resist stereotypes associated with "Russian traditions" such as breaking dishes and making toasts of the same type. The creators tried to tell the story of people scattered around the world who consider themselves the descendants of the Romanovs. In general, this project deserves attention, if only because it is unlike any other film about the heirs of Russian emperors.

The Last Kings, TV series, 2019, USA, directed by Adrian McDowell and Gareth Tunley

A still from the TV series "The Last Kings"

Couldn't stay away from trying to tell their own version of the Romanovs' story on Netflix. Unfortunately, the viewer finds it difficult to believe the creators of this six-part project due to the large number of mistakes made during the filming: the Mausoleum on Red Square in 1905 or the distribution of canned food on Khodynskoye field during the coronation of Nicholas II. However, Russian viewers made of this supposedly documentary project with elements of reconstruction a kind of entertainment, consisting in a competition to find more historical errors and inaccuracies.

There are in the series "The Last Kings" and footage dedicated to dramatic events on the Khodynskoe field. Only, for some reason, there were canned food in the tsar's gifts. It is worth remembering that the day of the coronation of the last emperor went down in the history of the Russian State not only with the accession to the throne of the new tsar, but also as the day of one of the most terrible events, when more than a thousand people died in a stampede at a festivities in a few hours.

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