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Why was the star of the film "Spring on Zarechnaya Street" afraid to marry: Gennady Yukhtin's later happiness:
Why was the star of the film "Spring on Zarechnaya Street" afraid to marry: Gennady Yukhtin's later happiness:

In the filmography of this actor, there are almost 180 works in films, but the main roles can be counted on one hand. The audience remembered and fell in love with Gennady Yukhtin immediately, when pictures with his participation began to appear. But he himself calls the film "Spring on Zarechnaya Street" the main thing in his fate, it was after it that popular love fell upon the actor. He had many fans, but the actor avoided even the thought of starting a family for a long time. Subsequently, he admits that he was simply afraid.

Difficult path

Gennady Yukhtin as a child

The parents named their son, born in 1932, Genius, and his sister, who was born earlier, was named Idea. Thus, the young communists Gavrila Vasilievich and Raisa Mikhailovna emphasized their commitment to the ideals of the revolution. The childhood of the future actor was harsh - my mother worked a lot and hard, my father, who had suffered at one time at the hands of bandits, was very sick.

Raisa Mikhailovna died during an air raid in 1942, her father lived separately due to a serious lung disease, and her sister, and the unofficial guardian of the children, Klavdia Pavlovna, looked after her younger brother. In fact, Gennady was left to himself, at first he worked part time by chopping wood, and then, in order to get at least some food, he began to steal, for which he ended up in a penal colony. It was very hard there, and the boy once decided to run away.

Gennady Yukhtin

He lived with his father for a short time, and then ended up in an orphanage. It was there that Gennady Yukhtin joined reading, cinema became his favorite leisure activity. Probably, it was at that time that the desire to become an actor arose in his soul. After receiving the certificate, the graduate applied to VGIK and became a student on the course of Olga Pyzhova and Boris Bibikov, studied with Rufina Nifontova, Izolda Izvitskaya, Nadezhda Rumyantseva, Maya Bulgakova and other wonderful actors.

Gennady Yukhtin in the film The Rumyantsev Case

Immediately after graduation, Gennady Yukhtin began acting in films. The roles were not too big, but bright. At the same time, the actor once and for all his life chose the Theater-Studio of the Film Actor, in the staff of which he has been for 66 years.

He became famous very quickly. Already after the release of "The Rumyantsev Affair" and "Foreign Relatives" Gennady Yukhtin began to receive bags of letters from the audience, but after the film "Spring on Zarechnaya Street", where the actor played the engineer Krushenkov, he became a real star.


Gennady Yukhtin and Nikolai Rybnikov in the film Spring on Zarechnaya Street

After college, the young actor had, in fact, nothing. No corner, no permanent registration. But at that time he did not despair, wandered from one film expedition to another, lived wherever he had to. He was young and single and was not at all burdened by this state of affairs, although in the depths of his soul he cherished the dream of his home and family happiness.

Of course, Gennady Yukhtin was not an ascetic at all, there were novels and hobbies in his life, one of which was quite serious. In Odessa, after the premiere of the film "Malva", the actor fell in love with the young translator Helen. The girl lived in the center of Odessa, famously drove a Moskvich car, knew English perfectly and could read Shakespeare by heart. I must admit, she also sympathized with the actor, and Gennady Yukhtin could then marry. But the restless soul called him further, for the next shooting.

Gennady Yukhtin

Probably, even to himself at that time, he was afraid to admit that he was desperately afraid to start a family. Constantly rotating in the acting environment, the actor saw how easily the families of his colleagues collapse, how yesterday's lovers after a divorce become almost enemies. He wanted to marry once and for life.

Later happiness

Gennady Yukhtin in the film "Stories about Lenin"

Thanks to his participation in the filming of a series of films about Vladimir Lenin, Gennady Yukhtin received a permanent residence permit in the Mosfilm hostel, and then he was able to get a cooperative one-room apartment on Pyreva Street. And he was still lonely.

Gennady Yukhtin was already over forty when, at one of the festive events, he met Lida, a graduate of the Plekhanov Institute. She was much younger than the actor, but it was in her that he felt a kindred spirit. True, he had to be pretty worried that day when he came to ask for the hand of his beloved from her mother. An old school woman might not understand her daughter's desire to become the wife of a fairly adult, albeit a famous actor.

Gennady and Lydia Yukhtin

Time has shown that Gennady Yukhtin was not mistaken in his choice. In Lydia, he found exactly the one who became his faithful and loving wife. After the wedding, Lida, in order to be closer to her husband, came to work at Mosfilm in the acting department. She never once recommended her husband to directors, although she could well, because she had in her hands a huge card index with information about all the actors in the country. But for Lydia, being assigned the role "by pull" was completely unacceptable.

Gennady and Lydia Yukhtin

Fortunately, Gennady Yukhtin fully shared the convictions of his wife, therefore he strove to achieve everything in this life on his own. And he was glad that warmth and comfort were always waiting for him at home, and his beloved wife met at the door. By that time, he had already managed to exchange his one-room apartment for a two-room one, he and Lida had enough. Unfortunately, they could not become parents, but Gennady Gavrilovich and his wife did not make a tragedy out of this.

The actor's wife is a very modest person, she does not even like it when her husband talks about her in an interview. But, according to the actor, in the person of his beloved Lida, he found a real home and a true friend. His happiness was late, but not late. He did not rush in his youth, and therefore he lived his whole life with a man with whom he feels good at any time of the day or night. Who will always understand and support, warm and give strength to move on.

Gennady and Lydia Yukhtin

Gennady Yukhtin is already 89 years old, but he does not stay at home, tries, as best he can, to take part in concerts and meetings with the audience, recently starred as a professor in the series "Choir" that has not yet been released. And he is still happy with his Lida, whom he chose once and for life.

They started talking about the VGIK course, where Gennady Yukhtin studied. All the students were bright and talented, they were promised a great future. They entered the institute in 1950, passed a competition of 200 people for a place, and after graduation, many became movie stars of the first magnitude. However, after a while talented actors began to disappear from the screens and theatrical stage. The lives of the five most talented and brilliant graduates ended in tragedy.

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