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7 celebrities who are crazy about their pets and are ready for a lot for them
7 celebrities who are crazy about their pets and are ready for a lot for them

Love for our smaller brothers is one of the popular trends of our time. People go vegan, fight pollution and … bequeath millions to their pets. Sometimes the life of celebrity favorites resembles a fairy tale - personal palaces, the best delicacies, individual servants and popular social media accounts. Who are the owners of these lucky ones - today we will tell you about it.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson and Bubbles

The love of the king of pop music for animals is known to everyone. He set up a real zoo on his ranch and preferred communication with brothers to our smaller conversations with people. In his opinion, animals are incapable of lying and condemning, they are sincere in their emotions. The singer's biggest favorite was a chimpanzee named Bubbles. He was not only a friend, but also behaved like a real person - like people, the monkey sat at the table, ate using cutlery and also visited the toilet in accordance with all the rules of hygiene.

Also, this miracle of training helped in cleaning the house. For 15 years, chimpanzee Bubbles entertained the star as a companion and pet. However, still nature took its toll. At some point, the animal became aggressive and he had to change his place of residence. The monkey was sent to the Center for Great Apes. We think that Bubbles does not live in poverty there, because the former owner left him a good inheritance in the amount of two million dollars. In addition, the chimpanzee has become a real object of mass culture, because he is the main character of several cartoons, a film was made about him, and there is even a sculpture "Michael Jackson and Bubbles" by master Jeff Koons. You will be surprised, but on behalf of the chimpanzee they wrote a memoir: on the anniversary of the death of the legendary singer, the publishing house published Bubbles' memoirs, entitled My Secret Diary: From Swaziland to Neverland.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus and Floyd

Miley Cyrus's favorite was the Siberian Husky. The blue-eyed pet named Floyd not only fell in love with the singer, but also became an object of adoration for many of her fans. On the pages in social networks, you can still see numerous pictures of the girl with her devoted friend. Unfortunately, dogs don't live long, and Floyd died in the spring of 2014. At the next concert after this sad event in Boston, the singer even burst into tears, talking about the tragedy. As an eternal memory, Miley got herself a tattoo with the name of her favorite.

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld and Chupett

Karl Lagerfeld once received a small white fluffy ball as a gift from one of his models - Batista Giabiconi. This surprise turned out to be a Burmese cat named Shupett. The mannered beauty is by no means busy catching mice - two maids are hired to her services, whose duties include fulfilling all the whims of the cat. Also, the couturier's favorite has her own apartments in the owner's house and a personal Twitter page. And this blue-eyed blonde loves to pose - her photo has appeared on the spreads of glossy magazines more than once, and often as the main model. The designer is not at all offended at such a manifestation of selfishness. After all, he has repeatedly admitted to reporters that if Choupette were born a woman, he most likely fell in love with her and invited her to marry.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry with Kitty

For Katy Perry, her cat named Kitty Purri is not only a favorite animal, but also a real symbol of good luck. Often, it is the fluffy beauty that attracts the singer's fans, working as a totem for the hostess's brand.A lot of photos are exhibited with her on social networks, it was she who starred in Katy Perry's video for the song "I Kissed A Girl", and even the singer's concert shows are planned taking into account the participation of the popular cat. In addition, the favorite can be seen in the animated film that accompanied the Prismatic tour. If other girls carry small dogs instead of a purse, then Katy Perry loves to go out with her cat. Sometimes fans even pay more attention to the graceful animal, but Katie is not offended by them.

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson

It was thanks to pigeons that Mike Tyson went in for sports and chose a future career as a boxer. Once, when Mike was still a teenager, he witnessed the killing of this noble bird. Since the boy often fed pigeons, he did not like such violence very much, and he got into a fight. In this way, Tyson learned from his own experience what it means "good things happen with fists" and since then began to work hard.

The obsession with sports brought the boxer world fame, success, and money. But, nevertheless, the youthful passion for pigeons did not pass. Now there are more than 350 birds of various breeds on Mike Tyson's ranch. The former boxer left the big sport and now one of the areas of his activity is participation in a reality show, where his pets became the main characters. Of course, ill-wishers immediately appeared who accuse Mike of violence against animals and bombard him with angry letters, but the matter does not go further than threats. Well, Tyson doesn't care - the main thing is that the birds are nearby.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio

As you know, among the closest circle of actor Leonardo DiCaprio, one can single out his mother, long-legged Victoria's Secret angels and old friends from the "brotherhood of girl lovers" he once organized. However, journalists managed to find out another affection of the actor. She (or him?) Was a huge turtle. Its weight is already over 20 kilograms. And she appeared in the house of a celebrity after visiting one of the exhibitions, where she was purchased for $ 400. Well, perhaps you can't cuddle this animal, but it can be used instead of a coffee table. And since the current age of the turtle does not exceed twenty years, it is quite possible to count on the fact that this pet will outlive the owner.

George Clooney

George Clooney

Cats, dogs, birds are such a commonplace. Well, who of them will be able to understand you when you come back from a late party completely in a "piggy state"? Perhaps this is what George Clooney thought when choosing a very unusual pet. Pig Max became the actor's companion for a decade. And note - not a small decorative squealing pig, but a real big boar. The actor's emotional attachment to his grunting friend Max was so strong that he did not want to leave the impressionable animal alone for a long time.

George Clooney could often be seen in the company of a pet on a walk, on the set. And even, according to the actor, he allowed the pig to sleep in his bedroom. His friends had to put up with such eccentricity of the celebrity - George Clooney could fly to visit them at the week-end with his pet. Even the love of women, he did not want to exchange for the well-being of a four-legged friend. Rumor has it that this was the reason for the gap between Clooney and Celine Balitran: the arrogant beauty allegedly set the condition "either me or a pig." George's answer was straightforward.

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